Record Breaking Events

SAXONIA Record Festivals (not held in the last years)

year venue world records record breakers from:
1995 Schwedt, Germany 3 Germany Czech Republic
DETAILS (in German language)
1996 Flensburg, Germany 11 Germany DenmarkUK Switzerland DETAILS (in German language)
1997 Linz, Austria 7 Austria FranceGermany Luxemburg DETAILS
1998 Flensburg, Germany 14 Germany DenmarkUK FranceLuxemburg AustriaSwitzerland DETAILS
1999 not held
2000 Bregenz, Austria 9 Austria GermanyCzech Republic FranceSwitzerland Netherlands DETAILS
2001 Dessau, Germany 4 Germany Czech RepublicPoland DETAILS
2002 Dessau, Germany 3 Germany Czech RepublicUK SwitzerlandLuxemburg
2003, 2004
not held

Leipzig, Germany
not held

Altenburg, Germany
Germany Czech Republic

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Where and when: annual event, venue changing (next time: 16 - 17 June 2018 at Leira, Portugal)

Record Festival Flensburg, Germany (discontinued)
Information about previous events in 1996 / 1998 / 2000 / 2002 / 2005

      Klub Dobry Den (JPG, 4 kB)Festival of Records, Curiosities and Budvar Beer Pelhrimov (Czech Republic)

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