5th SAXONIA Record Festival
23 - 24. September in Bregenz, Austria

New World Records

marathon cocktail mixing: Christian Vögel (Austria) 72:05 hours

longest panorama photograph: organized by the city of Bregenz: 168 photographers shot a photo at the same time, the pictures were assembled to a 53 m [174 ft] long panorama photo.

tennis ball juggling with the foot: Manfred Wagner (Switzerland) 1:26 hours

longest "chain" of camp mattresses: Wasserrettung Vorarlberg (Austria) 61 matrasses, 155 m long

human calendar: Ralf Laue (Germany) 38.8 sec for 20 dates from 1901 - 2000 DETAILS

hula hoop with a tractor tyre: Roman Schedler (Austria) 71 seconds

one hour unicycling: Stefan Gauler (Switzerland) 21.290 km (13 mi 1209 ft)

pulling a truck (7.5 t): Chu-Tan-Cuong (Germany) 15.6 m

car cramming, Ford Ka: 14 basketball players from Feldkirch

Other Performances

pressups with hands and feets on chairs: Jean-Francois Huette (France) 100

rolling a 10 km hose top: Firefighters from Bregenz (Austria) 49:59 min

beer crate climbing: Birteenies (Germany) 39 crates repeating their own world record

balloon modelling: Attempt by Ralf Laue (Germany) without a new record (see balloon modelling records.)

roll baking: a team of four leaded by Christoph Strübele (Austria) 320 in one hour.

telephone book tearing: Wilfried Kohler (Austria)

most glasses of beer in one hand: 16 glasses à 0.5 l: Petr David (Czech Republic), held also 131 beer mats in one hand

bed of glass, greatest weight: Rainer Schröder (Germany) 871 kg [1603 lb] (national record)

cigar smoking: 101 smokers at the same place

portrait artist: Lubos Vanek (Czech Republic) drew portraits of 100 persons in 48:10 min (national record)


Siegi Schemken (Germany) with his collection of signed photos where the collector and a celibrity are together on the photo.

Niek Vermeulen (Netherlands) with some bags from his world's largest barfbag colection.

Robert Kalin (Austria), record holder for fire eating

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