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The Rules

(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. The nails should be 100 mm long and should be round.
  2. The first nail is placed in a vertical position into a piece of wood. On top of this vertical nail, the other nails are placed. They must not touch the piece of wood or the table.
  3. It is not permitted to use any sort of adhesive or magnets.
  4. The number of nails on top of the vertical one is counted.
  5. The stack must remain standing for at least one minute.

The Records

182 Daniel Urlings (Luxembourg) 23 April 1987
216 Daniel Urlings (Luxembourg) 26 April 2006
219 Alexander Bendikov (Belarus) 27 Jan 2010
235 Alexander Bendikov (Belarus) 22 Sep 2010
255 Alexander Bendikov (Belarus) 8 June 2012
349 Alexander Bendikov (Belarus) 26 May 2018

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