Guinness Rules

You should also read the General Guinness Record Guidelines.

  1. The mats must be placed in a single pile on a square edged table such that the edge of this pile protrudes over the edge of the table.
  2. The beermats are flipped vertically by the back of the hand by an upward movement.
  3. A clean catch is to be made, without any juggling movement, the beermats having turned through 180 degrees.
  4. No further contact is made with the bar top or table surface.
  5. The size of the beermat should be 95 mm (3 3/4 in.) square with rounded corners. It should be the weight of cardboard with a density of 480-490 grams (16.9-17.3 oz) per square metre.
  6. The record is for the number of mats successfully caught in this way.
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