World Record For Balancing A Soccer Ball on the Head

The Rules

  1. A regulation size soccer ball must be balanced on the head as long as possible.
  2. "Balancing" does not mean "juggling" or "heading": The ball should not be moved.
  3. The ball should not be touched during the attempt.
  4. The record breaker does not have to stand all the time. Sitting down, for example, would be allowed - as long as the ball remains on the head all the time.

Toni Ernst
Toni Ernst

Abraham Munoz
Abraham Munoz

Manoj Mishra
Manoj Mishra

The Records

 0:37:15 hrs Toni Ernst (SUI)         6 Apr 1991  in Zürich
0:45:02 hrs Hartmut Kiele (GER) 2 Sep 1995 in Schwedt
0:45:13 hrs Hartmut Kiele (GER) 7 Jul 1998 in Hamburg
1:31 hrs Abraham Munoz (USA) 4 Nov 2000 in St. Charles, Illinois
2:00 hrs Adalberto Sanchez (MEX) 21 Dec 2002 in Morelia Mich
12:00 hrs Manoj Mishra (IND) 6 Jan 2006 in Mumbai
14:00 hrs Manoj Mishra (IND) 8 Mar 2009 in Andul, Howrah

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