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Subject:      Become the new Guiness Book of World Records loudest snorer
From:         Cherie (
Date:         2002-11-06 14:21:55 PST

I thought some of you would be interested in the contest for America's loudest snorer especially if you're a snorer, or if you are affected by someone in your family who snores. The snoring experts at Breathe Right company are interested in finding the loudest snorer in America in hopes of setting a new world record. The Guinness Book of World Records lists Melvin Switzer of South Hampton, New England as the record holder for the loudest snore. The company is seeking out contestants for its "Search for America's Loudest Snorer" contest. Participants can enter via the following easy ways - the Web site,, a toll-free number, an e-mail, or a letter. Official contest rules and deadline are on the site. One grand prize winner will receive a year supply of the Breathe Right products, $10,000 bedroom makeover, and a trip to Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego, including two tickets for the game, airfare and hotel.