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Subject:      mega-team world record
From:         Peter Dawson
Date:         02 July 2002  
Newsgroup:    rec.kiting

Hia Folks, we're still working on setting up a world record for a mega team fly (presently set at 39 kites), and still want people to join in! it's all to happen at the Middle Wallop festival the weekend of August10/11th. We've got all the neccessary permissions to go for it, but we still need more flyers to make this record, and we want it to be one that sticks, so we want at least 50 kites flying!! If your available and want to be part of this record attempt please contact Peter Willis so he can give you final details and add you to the list. the plan is to use standard profile kites on 150 foot lines, but this can be adjusted into groups with comparable kites/lines. a couple of very basic manouvers is all it takes. we hope to have a practice with some of you at the Newbury festival on July 13/14th so let us know if you're available. Please let everyone know about this, we would like this to be a fun event that'll set a permanent record. Peter Dawson.