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Subject:      Re: Car longevity
From:         Rick Nelson 
Date:         12/20/2000
Newsgroup:    rec.crafts.metalworking

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:41:33 -0500, "Ron DeBlock" wrote: >Y'all still have a long way to go. > >Irv Gordon's '68(I think) Volvo P1800 has 1,796,080 miles. Yes, that's >correct - 7 digits. I don't know if he still holds the world record for car >longevity. > >See Volvo Club of America's web site,, and click on the >"Irv-O-Meter" button. > I friend of mine has an uncle (sounds like BS already ) who has a slant six 225 in an (I think) Aspen or a Volare which has clocked around 800,000 miles without a rebuild as of two years ago. Never met the guy, but I guess he's a *bit* obsessive about changing the oil - once a week whether it needs it or not. Guess it can't hurt. I'll have to ask my friend to see if he's talked to that uncle lately to see what the ticker is up to now. I believe his uncle just may be in the running for a new record. I think the slant six could do it. In the icy winters of Minnesota, I neglect maintenance and beat the hell out of the slant six in my 79 Volare and with 330,000 miles it's still running....on five cylinders, but still running. I would take better care of it, but with the myriad of other problems I'm having, I'm just waiting for it to die...helping it along a bit even. I can't justify getting rid of a car that still moves under it's own power. However, in it's current condition, I don't fill the gas tank more than half full because I don't want to invest more than the car is worth --Rick