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Subject:      Malaysia works on record-size flag, banner
From:         fairplay
Date:         2001-08-20 05:46:23 PST 
Newsgroup:    soc.culture.malaysia

Malaysia works on record-size flag, banner KUALA LUMPUR -- Size matters in Malaysia, which already boasts the world's tallest office buildings and is now set on achieving records in everything from flags to apple strudels. With the 44th anniversary of independence approaching on Aug 31, 300, schoolteachers, parents and pupils are working on a national flag bigger than a football field, newspapers reported on Monday. It will be 159 m long, 105 m wide and will weigh about 3,000 kg. The school's modest aim is to get into what must the world's fastest growing book, the Malaysia Book of Records. A more ambitious plan, for a world record, involves a 15-km-long banner being prepared for the 21st South-east Asia Games which will be held on Sept 8-17 in the capital Kuala Lumpur. It has sections representing the 10 countries taking part, includes the words 'World's Longest Banner', and is being put together by 11 universities and colleges with backing from the youth and sports ministry. The ministry's assistant director, Mr Roslan Hussein, said it would beat India's record of a 10-km-long banner. And then there's the apple strudel. At 80 m long, it was baked last week to mark the anniversary of a shopping mall, a simple affair which included the 'largest indoor board game' and the 'longest non-stop dancing competition'. The strudel is just 372 m shorter than the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the world's tallest office buildings. -- AFP