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Subject:      SCR World Record @ Skydive Houston
From:         rdavis
Date:         01/18/2000  
Newsgroup:    rec.skydiving

In need of your SCR and/or SCS? We have it! We are going to set a "World Record" by having the largest number of SCR's in one day on one DZ. If you are an experienced jumper, come help us put together SCR loads If you are an inexperienced jumper and want your SCR, and want to be a "WORLD RECORD" holder at the same time, come join us at Skydive Houston, 409-931-1600. SCR jump date to be announced soon. This may be a Guinness book of records event, come one, come all, levels of experience welcome! The Sun Rises Over Skydive Houston, Melinda Brown Skydive Houston 409-931-1600 voice 409-372-5006 fax