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Subject:      EJC98 World Record Certificate
From:         Johnny Hopper
Date:         Sun, 2 May 1999 13:59:22 +0100  
Newsgroup:    rec.juggling

Greetings to all of the 1508 people who are now World Record breakers! If you were juggling at the public show at the EJC in Edinburgh last August then this certificate is for you!

In actuality we had far more than the stated 1508 people juggling, but so many of those annoying little forms (Guinness insisted) didn't get properly filled out, and we couldn't include them.
This smashes the previous record (come on Glastonbury!) of 864, but does not necessarily ensure us inclusion in the book. The 1999 book is now out, and we are not in it. We may well appear in future additions though, so watch out...
Unfortunately the BBC made a bit of a mess of the filming and have chosen not to use it for BBC Record Breakers.

Be Proud! Print this certificate (attached).

Johnny Hopper, EJC98 certificate.jpg