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Subject:      Malaysia Guinness Books of World Records
From: (daddy)
Date:         1998/12/14
Newsgroup:    soc.culture.malaysia

are all these attempts of breaking the Guinness Books Of World Records
trying to divert the real situation in M'sia. all these longest
sandwihes, abseiling from Petronas tower,etc ? is this a "feel good"
therapy for some leaders? or is it diverting M'sian and world
attention from Anwar trial? are we hookwinked? are these records
necessary? wasting tax payers money? why don't M'sian set their sights
getting the c'try out of this crisis and claim the record in the
Guinness Books Of World Records of getting out of a economic crisis in
the shortest time instead of these unproductive efforts. wates time ,
wasted efforts. but cheers to these fellow M'sian who broke or made in
to the Books.,BUT your are only pawns in the bigger picture.