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Subject:      Kenny G no longer biggest blow hard (no Monica jokes, please)
From:         B.B. Bean
Date:         1998/09/04 
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Friday September 4 10:35 AM EDT 

Musician blows longest musical note

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters) - Step aside Kenny G, here comes Geovanny

Escalante, 24, broke the American pop star's world record for blowing a
single musical note into a saxophone by lasting 1 hour, 30
minutes and 45 seconds, according to the young musician and media reports.

Escalante told Reuters he was able to hold the note after months of
practicing a technique that allows him to blow and breathe at the
same time.

''Applause, hugs and cheers were all part of the celebration in the Cave's
Barracks, the local bar where Escalante nearly doubled the
previous record, at 45 minutes and 47 seconds set by Kenny G,'' La Nacion,
Costa Rica's leading newspaper, said on Thursday.

Two lawyers, two notary publics, Escalante's parents and a crowd of bar
regulars were on hand for the feat, the newspaper said,
adding they would send a videotape of the event to Guinness Records in London
next week. 
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