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Subject:      RAAM/UMCA records for transcontinental bicycling
From:         Nick Gerlich
Date:         Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:55:50 -0600 
Message-Id:   <>

Yesterday I submitted the updated RAAM/UMCA records for transcontinental bicycling to the U.S. editorial offices of the Guinness Book of Records. Several of you have been asking me recently about the status of this project, so I am pleased to report that it is done. I provided Guinness with ALL of our transcontinental records, many of which were new since 1995, but some of which also were "old" in that they had no record of them before. I gave breakdowns by gender, age division, solo, tandem, relay team, and relay tandem, as well as RAAM and non-RAAM. The person with whom I spoke was only interested in the east-west axis transcontinental records of the USA, so I did not provide him with any other UMCA-recognized records. Of course, what they actually print in their book is entirely up to them, and beyond my control. In other words, they probably won't print everything. Pre-1996 RAAM records are currently on our website, while 1996 RAAM and all other UMCA records will be posted there very soon. You can look for the updated book sometime later this year.