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Subject:      Re: Highest Mileage Vehicle?
From:         ratter1 (John Schmidt)
Date:         1998/08/24 

I believe that UPS ran a Mack engine for a million miles without a rebuild. I personally drove a Freightliner for about 450,000 miles without the pan or heads being pulled. The truck was traded at that time, so I don't know how many more miles, if any, were put on it. Along the same lines as that almost 1,500,000 mile VW, an axe has been handed down in my family for over a hundred years. The handle has been replaced countless times, and the head has been replaced at least five times, but that axe still chops like a new one in spite of its age. On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 22:01:45 GMT,(Joe) wrote: > I'm gonna beat the no rebuild milage. Let's see.... 47,000 >miles in five years = 9400 miles a year. 577,363 miles divided by >9400 miles a year = 61.42 years. 61.42 years - 5 years = 56.42 years. >Looks like I got a lot of life left in my 94 chev pickup, 56.42 years >to go. > How about eighteen wheelers, do they make the record book? >I bet a million miles is nothing for them. > No Flames intended. >On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 15:21:13 -0600, "Robert Hancock" ><> wrote: > >>I quote, from my '94 Guinness Book of Records: "The highest recorded mileage >>for a car was 1,442,044 authenticated miles up to 25 Jan 1993 for a 1963 >>Volkswagen Beetle owned by Albert Klein of Pasadena, CA. The highest record >>mileage for an automobile with the original gasoline motor without an >>overhaul is 577,363 miles to 5 Jan 1993 by Don Champion's 1979 Cadillac >>Sedan de Ville." >