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Subject:      Re: Roller Coaster Marathon
From: (Ted Ansley) 
Date:         Fri, 10 Apr 1998 22:00:55 GMT
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   rec.roller-coaster (Robert Ulrich) wrote: >On Fri, 10 Apr 1998 03:22:39 GMT, (David H.) wrote: > >>On Tue, 07 Apr 1998 23:42:31 GMT, (Robert) >>wrote: >>>The contestants in the Six Flags over Georgia are still going - even >>>today! They have ridden thier way to a world record. I've been >>>documenting the whole contest. If you're interested in the details >>>check it out at: >>> >>> >>> >>But can it even count as any kind of world's record when they get over >>HALF of the day off?!? I mean, they get from 10PM to 10AM off EVERY >>DAY, plus lunch breaks, plus probably dinner breaks, plus 15 minutes >>every hour. That probably accounts for about 7 hours per day. That >>hardly takes endurance. Instead, it takes people without any real life >>to return to! > >David, > >Those were the old rules. After about 2 weeks (and probably a call to >Guinness to find out the record) the rules changed to: >1. Continuous riding from 8 AM - 11 PM every day >2. Sleeping in the station (not in the train, but sleeping bags on >the platform) >3. 2 hour sessions, 5 minute breaks >4. 1 hour max for lunch or dinner > >The only time these souls have left the station not on the train was >on Wednesday night when tornadoes bashed the southeast (everyone went >to the administration building for shelter). So while the first 2 >weeks were a walk in the park, I think the riders deserve some credit >because they are now definitely in a true marathon with all respect >due. > >PS. Take a look at the website above to see a great commentary on how >things have evolved from a "fun" event to a gruelling one. > >Robert Ulrich Yes, but the old Marathon record, which I beleive was set by Richard Rodriquez on the Grand National, was for about 25? days strainght with only 5 minute breaks per hour! The breaks could be accumulated so he could save an hour or two, but other wise it was 24 hours a day. This is MUCH more difficult then this so-called marathon in GA. I'm not saying that what they've accomplished in GA is easy, but it does not compare at ALL to the older marathon records! Ted Ansley **Rollercoaster Fan<atic>**