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Subject:      Re: Nova Scotia Massed Bagpipe Event
From:         "scott" <>
Date:         1998/01/04 
Message-Id:   <01bd194d$35c326c0$d2c7a4c6@bagpipes.nbnet> 

Briant: The rumour is true! On page 11 of the "Tattoo Times", Nov 1997, issue 12 (a publication of The Nova Scotia International Tattoo Society) they write: Calling all pipers The Guinness Book of World Records currently lists Edinburgh, Scotland as the site of the World's Biggest Parade of Pipes and Drums. Soon, that record will tumble to Nova Scotia. <Picture>All pipers and drummers are invited to Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 3, 1999 to help break the current record. Be part of the excitement when The Nova Scotia International Tattoo brings the title to the New World. Thousands of pipers and drummers will march through Halifax streets as the world's largest massed pipes and drums. While the official number to beat is 2,749, the Tattoo is aiming for more than 4,000 players to ensure an indisputed title. Ian Fraser, the Tattoo's Producer/Director says the timing couldn't be better. "In 1999 there will be two significant celebrations happening in Halifax. The City will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its founding, in which the Scots played a huge role," he says. "The Tattoo will also celebrate its 20th anniversary and what better way to commemorate both occasions." The coordinator of the Edinburgh parade says he looks forward to the event and the challenge of recapturing the title in the year 2000. "I intend to be part of Nova Scotia's winning record," says Thomas Grotrian. "But we also look forward to bringing the title back to Edinburgh the following year." When the parade starts at noon, it will take at least one hour to pass by any one spot. The massed pipes and drums will be so large, the first players will have reached the end of the parade route before the last players have even started. Pipers and drummers from around the world are invited to take part in this spectacle. Mark it down, July 3, 1999 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Individuals or bands wishing to take part should write the Tattoo Production Office, 1586 Queen Street, Halifax, NS, B3J 2J1, Canada. They can be reached by e-mail at or found on the web at As a Maritime piper I would like to invite you all to attend. We had a great time in the spring of '97 when we had and extremely large massed pipeband to open the bridge between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. See you July 3, 1999. Ask for me! Dr. Briant Hamor Lee < > wrote in article <>... > Rumor has it that somebody in Nova Scotia is attempting to > organize a massed pipe event for several thousand pipers to establish a > new Guinness Book of World Records record. The date of the event is > suggested to be this summer or next summer. Is there any truth to this > or is it just a myth? Just curious. /lainte "Mike" Lee, greypiper