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Subject:      Non-Stop Steam Locomotive Record
From:         EIWA Miles <> 
Date:         1998/01/14 
Message-Id:    <>
Newsgroups:   bit.listserv.railroad

I'm doing some research to determine what the world record is for a non-stop run for a steam locomotive. To put this in some perspective, I know that the longest regularly scheduled run was London Kings Cross to Edinburgh, a distance of 393 miles. I believe at one time a detour may have pushed this over 400 miles. These runs, of course, used track pans to take water en route. I am also aware that the current world record is probably held in Australia, using a British locomotive, but have no details. However, I believe the distance was over 420 miles. Can anyone document this run (or any other of equivalent or longer distance? I need the locomotive wheel arrangement, name or number of same, exact length of the run, average speed or elapsed time, and tonnage being hauled. John Harmon