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Subject:      biggest martial arts class
From:         "Andrei Wittich"  
Date:         1997/12/03
Message-Id:   <662h9s$> 
Newsgroups:   rec.martial-arts

Hi folks, I'm new to this ng, but have been doing Karate-Do(GKR) for about 6 months. I just wanted to let you all know that Go Kan Ryu Karate in Australia is going for the world record of the biggest martial arts class in the world. The record at the moment is held by the legendery Bruce Lee all the way back from 1973 (correct me if I'm wrong) while filming "Enter the Dragon". The expected turnout is 3000 students, which appereantly will smash the record. (don't know exact numbers required). GKR thinks that it shouldn't be too difficult as there are 5000 students training each week in Sydney alone. The attempt is being made on the 7th of december (this Sunday coming up). Anyway thought I let you know.. Andrei..