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Subject:      Re: New 24 Hour Inline Skating Record Attempt
Date:         Fri, 05 Dec 1997 01:11:24 -0600
Message-Id:   <> 

In article <65vlm2$l73$>, "RWarner/Sumo IT" <> wrote: > > Just spoke with a friend in Vancouver, BC and he said an article appeared in > the paper yesterday saying that a local in-line skater will be trying to > break the men's 24 hour record in January in a Parkade. > > I'll post more info. when I have it. Does anyone else know any details > about this? > > -Reid/WILSA/Seattle Well, I don't know anything about it, but I hope the skater contacts the Inline Skating Records Association before his attempt. It would be tragic to skate for 24 hours and try and claim a "record" without actually knowing what makes it official. There are many details which must be taken care of to make it official. Here's a recent example: Last year a French skater (and natl team member) skated to "new 12 and 24 hour WR's". Based on reports, even tho ISRA hadn't reviewed any document- ation we advised Uwe Brockman to be safe and shoot for the French guy's mark of 292.6 miles. Uwe skated about 4 miles farther, and his paperwork is currently being reviewed by ISRA. But Uwe was in close contact with us concerning the stringent guidelines, which were set up useing FIRS and other sport rules, which naturally include drug testing by an Olympic caliber lab among other things. So we also read a story about the french guy (still no verification packet) where in last years "successful attempt" he went 178.77 mi in 12 hrs. Well, I was depressed, cause while my 1993 24 hr solo/road WR was "soft", (271mi, with 4hrs+ of down time), I considered the 12 hr solo road WR I set in '91 a "hard" record-14min of down time, about 15+mph. So, now we find out the French guy never took a drug test!! Idiot skated all that way and it's not official, and apparently since july has attempted 24hrs 2 other times, skating 12 and 18 hrs. My point? Question: What's more depressing than a record attempt that falls 25 feet short of the WR? Answer: One where you skate farther than the existing WR, only to have it be UNOFFICIAL! :(:( Hopefully we'll have a web site up sometime soon. ISRA reviews, recognizes and lists inline WR's, and forwards info to Guinness for publication. Anyone with questions can ask on this group, mail to: or call 503-682-6831. We also organize The World Record Challanges(tm), and can provide officials for independent attempts. Categorys: (self propelled) Road, Track, Short Track. (no distinction for indoor/outdoor) (gravity) Downhill, High Jump, Long Jump. Jonathan Seutter and Kim Ames ISRA