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Subject:      Simultan Chess Record
Date:         1997/08/18 
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In This Week In Chess 144, it is reported that Guinness record for simultaneous play had been set as described: "GM Ulf Andersson, Sweden, played a simul in Alvsjo, Sweden, on the 6th of January 1996 over 310 boards. His result was +268 =40 -2 and all in all the simul took 15 hours and 23 minutes to play." This was a long effort. I would like to meet whoever can assemble 310 chessplayers at 7:30 in the morning. At 310 opponents and four seconds per move (time to physically move three feet along the table, focus on the new board, watch the participant's move, study the board again and make a reply takes at least four seconds, especially after the opening), it would take 4x310 second to make one move on each board. This is 1240 seconds, or about 21 minutes to make one move on each board. There is also lunch, snacks and washroom breaks. I would like to ask how many games were won because the opponent abandoned the game. Dave B.