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Subject:      Backwards Running in Italy
From:         "Morselli Stefano" <> 
Date:         1997/08/03 
Message-Id:   <01bca023$3d7e05e0$47565bc2@local> 
Newsgroups:   rec.running

Hello everybody, I'm the winner of "Gambero D'Oro" (Gold Lobster) 1997, backwards running race in Poviglio ITALY. I would like to know the best American athletes of backwards running, Could you help me to be in touch for example with: Roberto Gottlieb, Bill Reitemeyer, Timothy Badyna, Gunnar Dietz, Keith Gill, Nadine Steinberger, Jennifer Hemmer, Nancy Rowe, ecc. ? Because here on 17th October 97 there'll be an extraordinary edition live, for the national public television RAI 2 of "Gambero D'oro" and the organization will present money prizes and big pieces of local D.O.P. cheese "Parmiggiano Reggiano". Probably in that occasion, I'll try to beat Donald Davis' Mile World Record at 6'07" (Guinnes Book of the Records). Help me please. I send you a placings of our race "Gambero D'Oro" 1997. Thank you. Stefano Morselli Via F.Turati 58 42046 Reggiolo RE Retro-Runner E-Mail: