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Subject:      Re: Rules for setting kite records.
From:  (David Gomberg)
Organization: Oregon EDNET COMPASS 
Date:         1 Jul 1997 19:56:06 GMT
Message-Id:   <5pbnco$> 
Newsgroups:   rec.kites

>Does anyone know where I could get a copy of the rules for setting >a kite speed record ? I've been following the discussion about "world records " for many years. I was present when the first "speed record " was set here in Lincoln City, and witnessed Dave Brittain's well-known four hour indoor record. As AKA President, I was often asked to verify record attempts. I think the basic answer is that there are records , and " records ". "Official" records are listed in Guinness , and authenticated by KiteLines magazine. But the categories are very simple and few. Highest flying is an example. (KiteLines has tried for years to get Guinness to increase the categories, with no success.) Other " records " are basically what you make of them with press releases and public reports. Indoor flying and kite speed are two examples. For speed, the standard has usually been that the kite is measured with some reliable device. A police radar gun has been used, but other tracking and measuring devices seem acceptable. The main thing is that the event be properly witnesses and authenticated. KiteLines continues to track records - both official and informal. At one time, they published a booklet on all of this, but because of the time required and cost, that booklet has gone away. Hope that helps! dg -- * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Gomberg Kite Productions, International <> Peter Lynn Inflatibles at Factory-Direct Prices