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Subject:      Darts World Records
From: (Sven Silow)
Date:         Thu, 24 Apr 1997 15:26:34 GMT
Message-Id:   <5jnu1h$>

"Jeff Ash" <> wrote: >Does anyone know of a record/time for a group of throwers scoring 1,000,001 >points. We have a group of folks who are crazy enough to attempt it. Please >respond if you have heard of a time. As the WDF has no rules about world records, and as the WDF thus don't approve any results as world records, there is no such thing as an official world record whatsoever in darts! From time to time - if one reads Darts World - one reads that a new record has been set. And, also one now and the comes across "world Records" and also listings of those "World Records". But, as earlier mentioned, these can't be claimed to be official world records in any sense. There is a whole lot of possible and impossible "records" being beaten. First there is the number of players and second there is a multitude of score achived in stipulated time, time to achieve a stipulated score, number of darts to achieve a stipulated score and so on... For instance in the April -97 issue of Darts World there is reports on new records for a ten men team going round the board on doubles 133 times in 12 hours, and also of an eight men (well one was a woman, does that make it a different category, as eight men have made 883802?) team that made 417089 points in 24 hours. The last publication of the "Darts maraton world records" was published in the June 1966 issue, and for a million and one there is the following two records: "Alan Powling and Eddie Davies completed the score in 48334 darts at the Christ the Servant Church, Digmoor, Skelmersdale, Lancs, on November 25 1985. Eight players of the Jobby Crossan select team, Derry, N Ireland, completed the score in 36750 darts on 12/13 June 1987." Possibly (probably?) there are a lot of unpublished "1000001 records" for different sets of teams. (the list just have one page to fill). 1000001 has been made in less than 24 hours, as four players have made 1003769 in 24 hours. (there are 24-hours records for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 players, as well as for 1 and 8 ladies published in the list). To get the rules etc. ["etc" probably means the full list?] for that list, send a stamped-addressed envelope to Register of Darts Records, 9 Kelsey Park Road, Beckenham BR3 6LH, UK. But note that this list has *no* authorisation on a world level, and perhaps not even on a British level (but probably it is supported by the BDO). Still there is the abuse of the word "world" (and just for once, "world" doesn't mean "USA" ;-). The marathons raise some money for wellfare in the UK, but there ought to be better ways for a society to care for their citizens. Sven