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Subject:      Laserforce- world record holders
From:  (Laserforce) 
Date:         Tue, 14 Jan 97 06:58:58 GMT 
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Organization: Power Up  

Just a bit of trivia. Laserforce is claiming the following world records. Mainly from our HQ site in Brisbane Australia. Most registered members: 49,000 registered members over 9 years. Does not include tourists, casuals etc. Most man-games in a day. Our record is just under 1300 people in one day. Longest running centre under the one owner. Opened Jan 28th 1988. Most regular players: "Ace 1" has personally played just over 3,100 games over a 4 year period. Dozens of others have played over 1,000 games. Best repeat play: 96% of players will play more than one game. Most marriages: About 6 couples have met at Laserforce and then got married. Biggest group booking. Laserforce Sacramento took a booking for over 250 people. They loved it.