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Subject:      Re: 24 Hour Bicycle Climbing Records
Date:         1996/12/14
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In article <mgladu-0312960147270001@>, (Mike Gladu) wrote: > > In article <01bbdf42$e7cc92c0$d31ba980@leigh-culpepper>, "Leigh Culpepper" > <> wrote: > > > I'm searching for information about records for the most amount of vertical > > feet climb on a road bike on paved road climbs in 24 hours. I'd appreciate > > any information. > > I believe the only organizations currently operating that keep 24 hour > records are the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association and the Human Powered > Vehicle Association, both in the USA. > > Since most of their events are designed around the principle of setting > records for maximum distance during that time period, you will not find > many, if /any/ events with much climbing. This may be of interest. I set a 24 hour world record for the 24 hour period via stairs in the Westin Hotel in Detroit on Jan 28-29, 1995. The distance of 50,596 vertical feet was achieved in 78 ascents, descents by elevator. There were 8 official judges as sanctioned by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association. The record is recognized as acceptable by the Guinness Book of Records' researchers, Facts on File. I believe this to be an absolute world record for vertical ascent by human powered means of any type. The closest thing to a 24 hour vertical cycling record would be a record on file with the UMCA for the Blue Ridge Parkway. It took somewhat more than 24 hours, but it is something in the 40,000+ foot range. > > > > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Mike Gladu - Cycling Photojournalist Infinite HangTime Photography > Voice line: (713)681-6293 5914 Greenmont Drive > Alt voice line: (713)681-5595 Houston, Texas USA 77092-2330 > SLIPaccount courtesy of M.K.Newman's The Black Box > "It never got fast enough for me" Hunter S.Thompson's proposed epitaph > ====================================================================== > = Your best source for high-quality bicycle racing images by e-mail! = > + Olympics/Trials (road/track/mtb) - Track Worlds - Boardman's Hour! + > = View sample images from the IHT photo archives at the sites below: = > = FixedGearFever - = > = Major Taylor's - =