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Subject:      Guinness Book of Records Needs your times!!!
From: (Stephen)
Date:         Sat, 28 Sep 1996 01:53:14 GMT
Message-Id:   <>

The new edition of the GBOR has a section advertising what will become
a new part of the book from the next release. It is for video game
The PSX ones are for Tekken 2 and RRR
RRR 'Competitors must send in photographic evidence of their fastest
total time lap times in expert mode, using the car of their choice.

Competitors must send in photo evidence of Total time on Time Attack

So come on guys, you could have your name in print as the best player
in the world!!!

BTW I do not work for the book, only read it and thought you all might
be interested. There are also sections for Sega and Nintendo, if you
are interested, drop me an email and I'll send it on.....


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