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Subject:      Re: ABC news reports 300 way world record in Anapa
From:         TSW <>
Date:         Tue, 01 Oct 1996 17:49:08 +0000
Message-Id:   <>
Organization: NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, USA
Newsgroups:   rec.skydiving

Robert J. Culver wrote:
> Seconds ago Channel 7 ABC news in Chicago IL reported that the 300 way in
> Anapa is a world record and showed video - I have a poor copy to prove
> they said it.  What gives ??  Did they build a 300 way??
> Robbie Culver
> D-14266

Won't be an offical FAI recognized record as we only built 297 out of
302, but it will go to Guinness as the biggest thing ever built.  It was
really beautiful.  A lot of people, ie those facing away from the weed
wacker that was having problems, thought we had built it.  The next dive
up we built to about 290 with the same weedwacker having problems again.
The video is truly amazing.

World Team'96 - and very happy to be back home in the USA!