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Subject:      Help to confirm new Guinness Book Record of oldest person 

From:         milton blackstone <>
Date:         Mon, 7 Oct 1996 03:50:49 -0700 
Message-Id:   <> 
Organization: CTS Network Services
Newsgroups:   soc.genealogy.jewish 

Some months ago, I was sent a clipping found by the widow of a cousin 
who had passed away, which came from an English paper dated Feb. 22, 
1928.  The article reported that my father's brother was preparing to go 
to Lesko, Poland to help settle the estate of his GUncle, LEIB FELD, who 
had just passed away at the age 125, leaving a widow of 117, to whom he 
had been married for 100 years. 
Further research has resulted in my learning that his passing had been 
reported inseveral other publications, which provided me additional 
information, i.e. his birthplace, Dymbrow, near Lumberg (then Poland - 
now Ukraine) in 1803.  I have yet to find confirmation on this. 
Inasmuch as world famous GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS lists the "oldest 
person" as 120, they are also interested in documentation of my 
GGUncle's birth/death statistics.  Any help or suggestions on how/where 
to get such verification would be very much appreciated. 
Uncle Leib left six children (of 18) who survived his death, and I have 
located one of his descendents who is also interested in genealogy and 
eager to learn more, as I am.  Having reported this story previously, 
Dan Leeson, wished desperately, to be connected to this lineage.  As one 
victim of a heart attack to another, I can tell you - it brings a shot 
of new hope to be related to the oldest Jew (or person) who lived, not 
counting Methuselah. <VBG> 
Incidently, circumstances wiped out all my messages and addresses, and 
left me offline for more than two weeks.  I now have a new system and a 
new ISP - consequently, a new e-mail address.  Please note my new 
address is: 
Milton Blackstone