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Subject:      Question about New World Record 
Date:         1996/06/25 
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Organization: Planet Access Networks - Stanhope, NJ 

I have a question that I'm certain has never been asked here on a.s.b. 
A little background first.  I work with the Guinness Book of World 
Records as the world judge for juggling.  I am responsible for 
designing and authenticating all juggling records.  As part of my 
research on two new "juggling bowling balls" records, I have a few 
questions for you folks: 
1) In order to standardize a record and make it possible for *anyone* 
to try to break a standing record, I need to know about weight 
availability in a normal pro shop.  It would be really easy to say 
that you must set a record with "16 pound balls".  That's a nice, 
round number.  But can someone just walk in and be absolutely certain 
to find three (3) inexpensive balls that are "AT LEAST" 16 pounds?  Or 
are most balls more likely to be 15lb 12oz or something like that? 
Any pro-shop owners have any input here? 
2) The British Broadcasting Corporation has a TV show called "Record 
Breakers" for whom I am to design a challenge.  They want two jugglers 
to go head-to-head, each juggling matched-weight balls (all six must 
weigh the same).  So does anyone out there have either:   
(a) a suggestion as to which ball company I should approach about 
sponsoring this event and supplying the balls, or  
(b) a personal connection within a company who can get me into the 
company quicker or make the decision themself?  
Would a small-ish company (Storm, Track) be more likely to do this 
than a bigg-ish company (Brunswick, Ebonite) or vice-versa? 
Steve S. 
PS, since my newsfeed sucks and there seem to be posts which I 
completely miss,  would anyone responding to this thread please copy 
them to me via email along with the post to the group?  Thanx.