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Subject:      Re: High Speed Ejection
Date:         1996/07/08 
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Newsgroups:   rec.aviation.military H Dobyns) wrote: >In > greg smith < > writes: > > > >Question. I am sure Mary will answer this (grin) Was wondering what the > >highest speed recorded survible ejection has been? Has anyone ejected >from an SR-71 at cruising altitude and speed and live to tell about it? > I know some idiot jumped outta a high altitude balloon once I may be >wrong but it seems like 80,000 jumps out at me. But they guy had a > "COLD" suit on and had a 40min oxygen supply. > >Any takers? >Grego Perhaps the "idiot" you referred to in your post is legendary balloonist Joseph W. Kittinger. In 1960, Kittinger, who later would be the first to solo the Atlantic in a helium balloon (1984), left his research balloon at an altitude of over 102,000 feet. His free-fall of 84,700 feet is listed in Guinness as the longest free- fall on record. The program was called Project Excelsior and it was an early step into the unknown "space age". Last I heard, Kittinger was head of the "Rosie O'Grady" balloon team in Orlando, FL. Concerning George Smith: He was indeed the first pilot to make a bail-out beyound the speed of sound and survive. He woke up five days later, and flew again.