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(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. The stilts may be constructed of any material.
  2. The stilts must be at least 1 ft [0.305 m] from ground to ankle, and at least 1 m [39.37 in] in height overall.
  3. The competitor can already be on stilts when the start signal is given.
  4. The clock stops when the claimant’s upper body crosses the line marking the end of the distance.

100 M, MEN

14.15 sec
Masaharu Tatsushiro (Japan)
Tokio, Japan, 20 March 1980
13.01 sec
Roy Luiking (Netherlands) National Championships in Didam, Netherlands on 28 May 1992
11.86 sec
Liang Shaolun (China)
Beijing Normal University, 17 August 2013

100 M, WOMEN

35.49 sec
Willy Kraus
National Championships in Didam, Netherlands,1 September 1984
35.13 sec
Willeke Krans (Netherlands)
National Championships in Didam, Netherlands,7 September 1985
24.85 sec
Anniek Workel (Netherlands)
National Championships in Didam, Netherlands, 3 September 1988
23.47 sec
Harriët Workel (Netherlands) National Championships in Didam, Netherlands, 1 June 1991

400 M

1:26 min Luboš Kukača (Czechoslovakia)

1 MILE (on spring-loaded stilts)

12:23 min Ashrita Furman (USA) Queens College, Flushing, New York, USA, 29 August 2008
7:53 min Ashrita Furman (USA) Tikal National Park, Guatemala, 6 August 2006
7:13 min
Ashrita Furman (USA) Impossibility Challenger Games, Dachau, Germany, 30 March 2008


9,313 m
Zdenĕk Jiruše (Czech Republic) Record Festival Pelhřimov, Czech Republic, June 1997


ca. 10:30 hr
Bill "Stretch" Coleman (USA) Dublin Marathon,25 October 1999
8:53:12 hr
Bill "Stretch" Coleman (USA)
Dublin Marathon, 29 October 2001
7:23:01 hr
Neil Sauter (USA)
Grand Rapids Marathon, 2007
6:32:00 hr
Neil Sauter (USA) Grand Rapids Marathon, 2008


8:36:32 hr
Michelle Frost (Great Britain)
London Marathon, 13 April 2008


122.59 km
[76.17 mi]
Zdenĕk Jiruše (Czechoslovakia) Record Festival Pelhřimov, Czechosolvakia, 12 June 1992


23.14 sec
Radima Fornala (Czechoslovakia)
Record Festival Pelhřimov, Czechosolvakia, Juni 1993


Carlos Rodriguez Diaz (Cuba) hand-walked a distance of 189 ft [57 m] on stilts at Cirque de Soleil in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 16 June 2009.


Pete McDonald (USA) crossed the United States on 65 cm [26 in] tall stilts in 1957. Starting in New York and finishing in Los Angeles, he covered 5150 km [3,200 mi] in 124 days.

Joe Bowen (USA) walked 4,840 km [3,008 mi] from Los Angeles to Bowen (Kentucky, USA) from 20 February to 26. July 1980 to raise more than 100,000 $ for muscular dystrophy research.
In 1891 Sylvain Dornon stilt-walked from Paris, France to Moscow, Russia via Vilno in 50 [other sources say: 58] stages, covering 2,945 km (1,830 miles).



(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. This record is for the highest stilts which can be mastered
  2. The stilts may be constructed of any material. Wood is generally regarded as too dense and aluminium is usually preferred.
  3. Ankle stilts rather than hand stilts should be used.
  4. You will need to walk at least 25 steps without touching the safety equipment.
  5. Owing to extreme danger of broken limbs or worse, it is strongly recommended that you use a safety line which would only take up should you fail. The authentication would have to include confirmation that any such safety line could not possibly have been used to steady the walk in any way and was there purely as a safety net.
6.7 m [22 ft]
Harry Yelding (Harry Sloan) (Great Britain)
6.9 m [22 ft 9 in]
Kenneth Caesar (Joe Long) (Great Britain)
Lingfield Park Racecourse, Surrey, UK, 30 August 1976
7.3 m [24 ft]
Kenneth Caesar (Joe Long) (Great Britain)
BBC TV Centre, London, 8 December 1978
9.22 m [30 ft 3 in]
Eddy Wolf (USA)
Loyal, Wisconsin, USA, 18 May 1978
9.4 m [31 ft]
John Russell (USA)
Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 17 April 1980
10,0 m [33 ft]
John Russell (USA) Madison Square Garden, New York, 20 May 1981
12.24 m [40 ft 2 in]
Eddy Wolf (USA) Hollywood, California, 4 December 1981
12.36 m [40 ft 6.5 in]
Eddy Wolf (USA) Yokohama Dreamland Park, 9 March 1986
[12.43 m [40 ft 9.5 in]
Eddy Wolf (USA) 3 August 1988
12.45 m [40 ft 10.5 in]
Travis ("Tiltin") Wolf (USA)
(son of the previous record holder)
Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, 10 March 1998 DETAILS
15.56 m [50 ft 9 in] Doug Hunt (Canada) Brantford, Canada, 14 September 2002
Note: Saimaiti Yiming (China) walked 10 steps on 16.41 m [53 ft 10 in] tall stilts on 15 November 2006 in Shanshan, China.  Roy Maloy (Australia) was reported to have walked five steps on 17.2 m [56 ft 6 in] tall stilts on 1 November 2008. Both did not reach the limit of 25 steps required by the rules.


Marty Chapple (Canada) used a specially fabricated 0.76 m [11ft 6 in] long golf club for driving a golf ball 147.2 m [161 yd] while staying on 76 cm [30 in] stilts. This record attempt took palce at Fescue's Edge Golf Club south of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


Zancothon '99 parade, Santiago de Cali, Colombia, 25 July 1999
Cirque de Soleil, Montreal, Canada, 16 June 2004
Satsuma Sendai City, Japan, 8 July 2006
Doug Hunt (organizer) and North Park Collegiate High School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, 15 May 2008
students from 17 schools in Spijkenisse at Winkelhart Spijkenisse, Netherlands, 16 September 2011

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