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World Records: Tallest Lego Tower



                  tallest LEGO tower

photo: the 28.21 m tall LEGO tower built at LEGOLAND California in 2005

(source: LEGO Group press release)

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Milton Keynes (Great Britain) 13.1 m 43 ft 100,000 25-08-1980
London (Great Britain) 15.01 m 49 ft 3 in
Milan (Italy)
15.75 m
51 ft 8 in

Munich (Germany) 16.97 m 55 ft 8 in
180,000 14/20 Aug 1989
Tel Aviv (Israel) 18.15 m 59 ft 6 in 221,560 May 1990
Vienna (Austria) 18.7 m 61 ft 4 in
183,000 Oct 1990
San Franzisco (USA) 19 m 62 ft 4 in

Cascais (Portugal) 19.7 m 64 ft 7 in
250,000 February 1992
Auckland (New Zealand) 19.90 m 65 ft 2 in 248,756 22/23 Feb 1992
Dübendorf (Zürich) (Switzerland) ?
20.61 m 67 ft 7 in
4/8 Aug 1992
Budapest (Hungary) 21.14 m 69 ft 4 in

May 1993
Brussels (Belgium) 21.36 m 70 ft

26/27 June 1993
Gothenburg (Sweden) 21.63 m 71 ft

Aug 1993
Hongkong 21.91 m 71 ft 11 in

4 April 1994
La Belle Etoile (Luxemburg) 22.13 m 72 ft 6 in
4 Sept 1994
Madrid (Spain) 22.41 m 73 ft 6 in
7-10 Oct 1994
Tåstrup (Denmark) 22.67 m 74 ft 4 in
27 July 1995
Seoul (South Korea)
23.l41 m

Nice (France)? 23.66 m 77 ft 8 in
300,000 1997
Hohenwestedt (Germany) ? 23.95 m 78 ft 7 in
367,700 16 Aug 1997
Moscow (Russia) 24.66 m 80 ft 11 in
387,903 14-19 July 1998
Tallin (Estonia) 24.91 m 81 ft 9 in
391,478 18-21 Aug 1998
Rostov (Russia) 25.71 m 84 ft 4 in

May 2002
Yekaterinburg (Russia) 26.19 m 85 ft 11 in

June 2002
Oostende (Belgium) 26.70 m 87 ft 7 in

Aug. 2002
Legoland Günzburg (Germany) 26.92 m 88 ft 4 in
500,000 12-15 Sep 2002
Legoland Billund (Denmark) 27.22 m
89 ft 4 in
500,000 June 2003
Albergen (Netherlands)
27.44 m
90 ft

May 2004
Legoland California, Carlsbad (USA)
28.21 m
92 ft 6 in
17-21 Feb 2005
Sønderborg Ringrider-festen Sønderborg (Denmark)
28.48 m
93 ft 5 in

10 July 2006
Legoland California, Carlsbad (USA) 28.74 m
94 ft 3 in
24-28 May 2007
Toronto (Canada)
29.03 m
95 ft 3 in

17-22 August 2007
Legoland Windsor (Great Britain)
29.26 m
96 ft
2-5 May 2008
Vienna (Austria)
29.485 m
96 ft 9 in
500,000 2-5 October 2008
Nasu Highland Park (Japan)
29.70 m
97 ft 5 in
31 March-3 April 2009
Munich (Germany) VIDEO
29.97 m
98 ft 4 in
1 - 4 Oct 2009
Oslo (Norway)
30.22 m
99 ft 2 in
21-24 April 2010
Limmen (Netherlands)
30.52 m
100 ft 1 in
3-6 June 2010
Legoland Günzburg (Germany) 30.76 m
100 ft 10 in
16-20 August 2010
Santiago (Chile) VIDEO
30.95 m
101 ft 6 in

11-13 November 2010
São Paulo (Brazil) VIDEO
31.16 m
102 ft 3 in

7-10 April 2011
Paris (France) VIDEO
31.60 m

-24 Oct 2011
Seoul (South Korea) VIDEO
31.9 m
105 ft

9-13 May 2012
Legoland Windsor (Great Britain) VIDEO
32 m

July 2012
Prague (Czech Republic) DETAILS / VIDEO
32.5 m
106 ft 7 in
5-9 September 2012
Red Clay Consolidated School, Wilmington (USA) VIDEO 34.43 m
112 ft 11 in
finished 19 August 2013
Budapest (Hungary) VIDEO
34.76 m
114 ft
21-25 May 2014

Milan (Italy) VIDEO
35.05 m
115 ft
17-21 June 2015

Legoland Günzburg (Germany) VIDEO
35,47 m
116 ft 4 in
24-30 June 2016

Tel Aviv (Israel) VIDEO
35,95 m
117 ft 11 in
12-24 December 2017

The tallest model of a real building was presented by the group Fanabriques from Rosheim (France) at the Dubai Exhibition Stand at the World Tourism Fair in Paris from 17-20 March 2011. It was a 7.8 m tall model of Burj-Khalifa (world's tallest building) made from 90,000 bricks. DETAILS

World Records: Longest LEGO construction



Prague (Czech Republic)
578 m
1895 ft 1,500,834 31 May 1998
Legoland California, Carlsbad (USA) PHOTOS
610.8 m 2004 ft 1,679,100 8/12 July 2000
Legoland Billund

632 m
2073 ft

Auckland (New Zealand)
646 m 2119 ft
1.7 mio July 2001
Brügge (Belgium)
670 m 2198 ft

Legoland Günzburg (Germany)
676 m
2218 ft
> 2 mio
25 July - 16 Aug 2002
Southland Shopping Centre Melbourne (Australia) PHOTOS
1014.8 m 3329 ft > 2 mio
21/22 Sept 2002
Bangkok (Thailand)

1052 m
3451 ft
2,477,140 27 April 2003
Albergen (Netherlands)

1383 m
4537 ft
2.5 mio
May 2004
Montreal (Canada)

1398 m
4597 ft
ca 3 mio
8-15 August 2004
Singapore Expo Hall (Singapore)

1410 m
4626 ft
December 2004
Shopville Le Gru,Grugliasco (Italy)
1578.8 m
5179 ft
13 February 2005

Longest LEGO Snake

A lego snake measuring 318 m has been built at LEGOLAND Malaysia on 13 February 2013. VIDEO

Largest LEGO Model

The largest LEGO construction was a 4.69 metres (15 ft 4 in) high, 9.39 metres (30 ft 9 in) long and 5.75 metres (18 ft 10 in) wide LEGO house, constructed for the BBC2-TV show James May's Toy Stories in 2009 from 3.3 mio bricks DETAILS

The LEGO model with the most pieces was a 13 m tall model of the London Tower Bridge in Packington Hall, Warwickshire, UK to promote the launch of a new Land Rover car on 28 September 2016. Bright Bricks, a group of LEGO builders led by Duncan Titmarsh needed five months to construct the record-breaking model from 5,805,846 bricks. DETAILS

previous record:

The LEGO model with the most pieces is a model of the X-Wing Fighter - the iconic Star Wars ship - built from 5,335,200 bricks. A team of 32 persons needed a full year from conception to completion. The construction itself took four months. After constructing the model in Kladno (Czech Republic), it was transported to New York in 32 pieces in May 2013. Including the steel infrastructure, the model weights 20,856 kg [45,979 lb]. It is 3.28 m [11 ft] tall, 13.71 m [45 ft] long and has a wingspan of 13.52 m [44 ft]. PHOTOS, VIDEO

Largest permanent LEGO Installation in Minifigure Scale

The largest permanent LEGO installation in minifigure scale (approximately 55:1) is the LEGO Millyard Project at SEE Science Center in Manchester (NH, USA). The project was built using ca. 3 mio bricks and 8,000 minifigures at an area of 200 sq m [2,200 sq ft]. It took more than 10,000 person hours to complete it.
More information  can be found at the NELUG site and cool pictures are available from NELUG and from Brickshelf here and here.

Largest LEGO Image

The façade of Cowley St. Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children’s Centre in Hillingdon, Greater London (UK) was made from 1,263,801 LEGO bricks. It measures 250 sq metres [2,700 sq ft]. DETAILS

A LEGO mosaic measuring 156.8 sq m (1,688 sq ft) was completed by A.J.J. Casper (Netherlands) at the Northgo Sports Hall in Noordwijk, Netherlands, on 31 August 2013 after almost 3,000 working hours.

The largest vertical mosaic measured 3.46 m height and 4.65 m width. Using 104,690 bricks, the record was broken at the Herbiers exposure near Nantes (France) on 1/2 October 2016. DETAILS and PHOTOS.

Previous records:

A 3-dimensional map of Switzerland measuring 153.4 sq metres [1640 sq ft] was created for Pro Juventude (Switzerland) on 6 October 2012 at the Suisse Toy exhibition  in Bern, Switzerland. PHOTOS

On 5-7 May 2012, visitors of the Lego Show 2012 at Event City in Manchester (Great Britain) built a mosaic from 660,000 bricks, measuring 143.91 sq metres. The image showed sports related LEGO minifigures. DETAILS

35000 visitors of  LEGOLAND Germany in Günzburg needed four and a half day for constructing a mosaic measuring 9.6 m x 14.3 m from 533 000 bricks. It shows the title page of the "Mickey Mouse" magazine to celebrate its 60th birthday. The mosaic was completed on 29 August 2011. PHOTOS

The team Danish LUG Byggepladen (led by Per Langkilde) and visitors assembled a LEGO mosaic measuring 14.83 m x 7.93 m on 17-20 February 2011 at LEGO World 2011 in Copenhagen. The mosaic was built on 1792 32x32 baseplates using 460,288 2x2 bricks.
Worlds Largest LEGO Mosaic at LEGO World 2011

2000 participants assembled a LEGO mosaic measuring 97.5 sq m at Shoreditch Town Hall in London on 23-25 October 2010. The mosaic, designed by Zoltan Simon, contained 384,000 bricks and 1,500 baseplates. It featured Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Jabba the Hut. The event was organized by DK Publishing and the Brickish Association to promote the launch of the LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster Book. DETAILS

At the 100steine-Land meeting in Berlin, LEGO fans created a LEGO image measuring 7.70 m x 11.50 m. It showed LEGO figures in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. FOTOS

A team led by Tobias Reichling, Thomas Wesselski, Jan Beyer, Caspar Jensen Bennedsen, Marion and Andreas Oppermann built a LEGO mosaic measuring 10.37 m x 8.06 m on 18-22 February 2010. The mosaic was an image of the Legoworld Copenhagen logo. Photos can be found here.

The largest LEGO image has been built by about 250 children at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio (USA) in October 2007. The image of a LEGO tractor tailer (designed by Brian Korte) measured 13.61 m [44 ft 8 in] x 5.95 m [19 ft 6 3/8 in]. No less than 1.2 mio bricks have been used.
world record LEGO imageClick HERE and HERE for hi-res photos
(20 MB / 16 MB)
(Copyright: Toy Museum Bellaire)

A logo measuring 7.72 m x 10.4 m (25 ft 4 in x 34 ft 1.5 in) has been built at The Franklin Institute Science Museum on 22 August 2001 in Philadelphia (USA) by over 2,500 people. The logo of  the X Games host city Philadelphia was constructed from 180,000 bricks.

Previous record for the largest vertical mosaic: 100,000 bricks, created by the group Fanabriques from Rosheim (France) on 25 June 2011, showing two fire trucks. DETAILS, MORE PHOTOS

Largest LEGO Car

Built in Chicago, and using more than 650,000 LEGO components, the LEGO Group's designers worked for 1,500 hours to design a life-size LEGO Super Car, and the company's model builders and technicians spent a further 4,000 hours assembling it.  Though the life-size version of the LEGO car is 10 times bigger than the set sold in stores world-wide, it uses 500 times more LEGO elements.  The LEGO Super Car is approximately 4.72 m (15 feet 5 inches) long, 2.28 m (7 feet 5 inches) wide and 1.24 m (4 feet 10 inches) high, weighing more than a ton, making it the biggest LEGO car in the world.

Largest LEGO Ship

A 9.32 m long model of a container ship has been constructed by the professional LEGO builders Design im Stein (Germany) at IdeenExpo in Hannover, Germany in 2011.

An even larger model has been created by DFDS Seaways. However, this model contained a metal frame which does not qualify the ship as a pure LEGO model. DFDS Seaways celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016 by building a ship named Jubilee Seaways. It was 12.035 m long, 1.67 m wide and weighs just under three tonnes. DETAILS

The largest LEGO ship constructed by a single person is HMS Hood, measuring 6 m [20 ft] by Ed Diment. (DETAILS / PHOTOS)  His new project measures even 7 m [23 ft].

Previous records:

Four professional LEGO builders from Bright Bricks (Great Britain) needed 250,000 LEGO pieces and almost four months to complete a 7.90 m [25 ft 11 in] long model of the "Queen Mary".
The model weighs 274 kg [604 lb]. Its width is 94 cm [3 ft in in] and its height is 1.40 m [4 ft 7 in]. VIDEO

3500 children used no less than 513,000 LEGO bricks to built a 7.66 m long container ship from 2-8 August 2010 at JadeWeserPort-Infocenter Wilhelmshaven (Germany). The attempt was coordinated by René Hoffmeister (Germany). PHOTOS

Led by René Hoffmeister (Germany), visitors of the science museum phæno in Wolfsburg (Germany) built a 7.29 m long container ship from 400,000 LEGO bricks in October 2009. (photo: phæno)

World's largest LEGO boat

It took Klass Meijaard (Netherlands) and René Hoffmeister (Germany)  1,200 hours to build a 6.90 m long Queen Mary 2 replica. The ship weights 870 kg. Since 2008 it can be found at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg (Germany) DETAILS and FOTOS

A model of the Nimitz Class Carrier USS Harry S. Truman, CVN 75, measuring 4.52 m (length) x 1.37 m (width) x 1.22 m (height) was displayed at the Skaerbaek 2006 event in Denmark. The model weighs over 160 kg. It was built in over one year by  Malle Hawking from Munich (Germany) from more than 300,000 bricks. FOTO
A 3 m (10-ft) long 1.2 m (4-ft) wide replica of a sleek, navy-blue Chris-Craft speedster was built by Nathan Sawaya in January 2005 at the Seattle Boat Show.

Largest LEGO Bridge

David Tidman from the Western Australian Brick Society constructed a 39.32 m long LEGO bridge based on the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge on 3 June 2013 at the Australian Railway Modellers Association, Western Australian Division Exhibition. The bridge had a had a centre span of 20 m. The support towers were 2.95m tall. There were 2 rail lines crossing carrying a variety of rolling stock. DETAILS / VIDEO

The longest bridge within a LEGO train track was built at LEGO World Copenhagen 2011 by the Danish team Byggepladen (led by Knud R. Thomsen). The suspension bridge had a total length of 10.22 m and a free span of 5.61 m. It was passed by two trains during the show. VIDEO

The longest LEGO viaduct was built by Play-Well TEKnologies and the City of Tempe, Arizona (USA) on 19 March 2016. It measured 72.8 m [239 ft] and was built in an hour and a half. PHOTOS and VIDEO

previous records:
The largest LEGO bridge was a 37 m (122 ft) long bridge built on 26 October 2003 at the Cargo Lifter hall near Berlin (Germany) for a TV show dedicated to LEGO.

The widest free span -14 m (46 ft) - had a 20 m long bridge that has been constructed from 16 September - 5 October 2008 at Science Museum Phaeno in Wolfsburg (Germany) from 80,000 bricks. The previous record [about 12.5 m] was for a model of the Gibraltar railway bridge built by Bart Efdé, Benny Efdé and Marco de Vries from 650 kg of bricks.

Longest LEGO Train Track

The longest LEGO train track measured 4000.25 m. It was built by Henrik Ludvigsen (Denmark) and the Danish LUG Byggepladen on 11 May 2013 at Broby Sportsefterskole in Broby, Denmark. PHOTOS
A record-breaking monorail track with an overall length of 584.4 m [1917.4 ft] was constructed on 11-12 May 2013 at BrickFair in Manchester, NH, USA.
On the weekend of May 11th-12th, 2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. There were two 18 level towers with a 5 m [17 ft] span bridge between. PHOTOS / VIDEO / VIDEO / VIDEO (Train view)
The longest train track built from DUPLO bricks has been constructed by Christoph Neteler (Germany) and children from Berg Fidel, Münster (Germany) on 8 June 2013. Using 1900 DUPLO elements, they constructed a track measuring 250.89 m [823 ft]. The train needed 16:35 to complete the distance. VIDEO
previous records:
1500.64 m [4923 ft], built by Henrik Ludvigsen (Denmark) and the Danish LUG Byggepladen on 21 July 2012 at Bella Centret in Copenhagen. PHOTOS
1190.88 m [3907 ft], built on 9 October 2011 by the Austrian LEGO team LIGA+MB at the  Model Building Fair in Ried (Austria). The train needed 44 minutes for completing the whole track.VIDEO / PHOTOS
1019 m [3343 ft], built by The Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club in August 2000 at the Center House in Seattle Washington. Here is a great picture gallery about this event.
A record-breaking monorail track with an overall length of 362.5 m [1189 ft] was constructed on 7-8 July 2012 by ItLUG in Ballabio (Italy). Three different trains were used during the attempt; the first one took 23 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the distance. VIDEO
A monorail track with a 222.5 m [730 ft] long contiguous loop was constructed by members of NELUG on 11 February 2012 at Wenham Museum (USA). PHOTOS / VIDEO

Longest LEGO Train

A LEGO train with 151 carriages (taken from the set 7939) has been successfully constructed at Festi'Briques in Châtenoy (France) on 30 October 2011. It was moved by seven locomotives (having 10 motors). The total length of the train was 31.5 m. DETAILS / PHOTO / VIDEO
The previous record (and still the record for the longest train pulled by locomotives) was a
LEGO train with 126 carriages, pulled by two locomotives at the First German Lego Train Club meeting in December 2000 at the airport in Braunschweig (Germany) PHOTO1 | PHOTO2 | PHOTO3 | PHOTO3 | VIDEO

A Maersk train (set 10219) with 121 carriages and six locomotives has been built in by Martin Marmet (Switzerland) in November 2014

Most Storeys in a Spiral Train Tower

Rekord-Spiralfahrt einer LEGO-Bahn in Neulengbach

Daniel Schmatz, supported by Lisa Feuchtinger, Wenzel Schmatz, Justin Döllinger, Nino Schmatz and Agnes Schmatz (Austria) used 46,506 LEGO bricks to complete a LEGO spiral tower (see photo).
A LEGO train drives 26 and a half rounds on a circular track from the bottom to the top of the tower. The tower was completed on 10 October 2020. It can be visited at  eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach (Austria). VIDEO
previous record:
Horea Nascu (Romania), who runs the YouTube channel hntrains, constructed a 22 storey, 2.80 metre high LEGO spiral tower. He constructed the spiral tower at home, then reassembled it at Cucubau Toy Store in Baia Mare (Romania) on 18-19 November 2017. The course contained 210 straight and 344 curved tracks. VIDEO

Fastest LEGO Train

The fastest LEGO train, built by Daniel Stoeffler, reached a speed of 27.47 km/h on 28 June 2015 at Fana'Briques 2015 in Rosenheim (France). While the rules for this category require that the train must either be based on a standard LEGO train set or be a model of an existing high-speed train, there is also a "prototype" category with less strict rules. The record for this category was set by a train built by Bastian Dauny (France) with 29.99 km/h on 12 September 2015 at Briqu'Expo in Diemoz. More information about LEGO speed contests / Record History

Largest LEGO Castle

A castle measuring made from over 1.4 mio bricks and 2100 figs has been built at the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio (USA) in 2008.

Tallest LEGO Crane

The tallest and most powerful LEGO crane has been constructed in September 2020 by Dominik Wielgosz (Poland). His model is 10 m tall and weighs 24 kg. Photos of this construction can be seen at Dominik's web site and at Brickshelf. A video is available here. Powered by LEGO motors, the crane can lift a weight of 20 kg as documented in this video.

previous records:
At LEGO World 2006, an 8 m tall free standing tower crane has been constructed. PHOTO
Dominik Wielgosz (Poland) built a 7 m tall model of a Liebherr LR 11000 - in 2015 it was the the tallest LEGO crawler crane  FOTOS1 | FOTOS2
The tallest crane is a almost 6 m (20 feet) tall scale model of a Liebherr LR-11200 1000 ton Crawler built by Alvin Brant. PHOTOS
Alvin has also built another 6 m-tall model of a  Terex-Demag CC-8800-1 TWIN. PHOTOS1 | PHOTOS2 | PHOTOS3
The most powerful crane has been constructed in a little less than 4 monts by Muddy van Kooten (Netherlands) from more than 30,000 bricks. As shown on this video, the 3.2 m tall crane can lift a weight of 16 kg. PHOTOS

Underwater LEGO Construction

11 divers built a LEGO castle from 36,000 pieces in Aufkirchen (Germany)

longest LEGO
        chainLongest LEGO Chain

The longest LEGO chain was built by families from Ventura County, California, USA in collaboration with Conejo Recreation and Park District, Rotary International and the company Play Well TEKnologies on 27 September 2014. It measured 902.51 m and was made from 190,000 bricks. DETAILS and VIDEO

The photo shows the previous record, set by 700 children in Willisau (Switzerland) on 7 September 2003. This chain was 565 m (1854 ft) long, had 2211 chain links and was made from 424,512 LEGO bricks.
(photo source: obs/UB LEGO Switzerland AG)

Biggest Statue

The biggest construction ever made from LEGO bricks is a statue of Sitting Bull in LEGOLAND Billund (Denmark). It is 7.6 m tall and contains 1.5 mio bricks. It has been designed by Bjørn Richter.

Largest LEGO Portrait

The largest LEGO portrait was a 3 m x 3 m (10 ft x 10 ft)  mosaic of a portrait made by LEGO artist  Eric Harshberger for the TV Show Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in Los Angeles in 2003. It was a portrait of the TV show's host Dean Cain.

Largest Display of Minifigs

LEGO employees at LEGO UK head office in Slough assembled an "army" of 35,310 Clone Trooper mini-figs in six and a half hours in July 2008. PHOTOS

Largest BrickQuest Board

The largest board for the phantasy board game BrickQuest has been created by Christian Veigl (Austria). The total playing area0.83 is  sq metres [9 sq ft]. The 243 modules, walls, characters, treasures, etc. were made from about 8,000 bricks. PHOTOS: 1, 2, 3, 4

Largest Set

The largest commercially available LEGO set is the Millennium Falcon (Set Nr. 75192), containing 7541 pieces. Once completed, the model is 84 cm [33 in] long, 21 cm [8 in] tall, and 56 cm [22 in] wide.
The previous record holders were Taj Mahal (set # 10189) with 5922 pieces (51 cm [20 in] wide and 41 cm [16 in] tall) and the "small" Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (set # 10179) with 5195 pieces (84 cm [33 in] long, 56 cm [22 in] wide and 21 cm [8 in] tall)

The largest LEGO Technic set is the Bucket Wheel Excavator (set # 42055) with 3929 pieces. The previous record holder was the Unimog U400 crane with 2,048 pieces (set # 8110).

Most Expensive LEGO Brick

The most expensive LEGO piece was a three troy ounce platinum Avohkii Mask of Light for which Andre Hurley (USA) paid 15,000 US-$ in February 2014. The piece was the grand prize in the Cartoon Network's Toonami Sweepstakes contest in October 2003. This most expensive LEGO brick is a 2x4 brick made from 25.65 g of 14K gold [0.8246 troy oz]. It was given around 1979/80 to LEGO employees that had 25 years of employment at the LEGO factory in Hohenwestedt (Germany) and to a couple of business partners of LEGO. Brick Envy sold such a brick for 14,449.99 US-$ in 2012.

Most Expensive Minifigure

The web site has a list of the most expensife minifigs. The first place goes to metal minifigs of the gods Jupiter, Juno and Galileo, which have been sent to Jupiter (which means that in fact they are lost forever for collectors. Place 2 goes to golden minifigs of Boba Fett, where only two exist. They were raffled at 2010 San Diego Comic Con and at Star Wars Celebration V.

Largest Collection

The largest private collection of different completely assembled LEGO sets has been amassed by Frank Smoes (Australia) who has 3,837 sets (as of May 2017)

Fastest Time to Build the Imperial Star Destroyer (Set 10030)

(The team is limited to 10 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:42:43 hrs
BricksWest, Carlsbad, California, USA (team of 13)

February 2003 LEGO
                Imperial Star Destroyer
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1:17:33 hrs
1000steine-Land 2003, Berlin, Germany
5 July 2003
1:14:52 hrs
BrickFest DC (USA)

August 2003
1:13:25 hrs
Erik Amzallag, Jean-Louis Bergamo, Sybrand Bonsma, Hans de Vlieger, Hein-Jan Kemperman,  Didier Malon, Dirk Plug, Mark van der Horst, Casper van Nimwegen, Rick Zonneveld (Netherlands) at LEGOWORLD 2003
PHOTOS October 2003
1:09:22 hrs
Brickfest PDX in Portland (USA)
VIDEOS 14 February 2004
1:02 hrs
team from Germany

0:54:21 hrs
New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG) at Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, Massachusetts (USA)

30 October 2004

Fastest Time to Build the Technic Mobile Crane (Set 8421)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:55:15 hrs
Bruno Kurth, Tobias Reichling, Jürgen
Lüttgen, Gerhard Auer and Joe Klang at 1000steine-Land 2005 in Berlin (Germany)

Juni 2005
LEGO Technic
                Mobile Crane
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1:48:14 hrs
Brickfest 2005 (USA)

August 2005
1:36:29 hrs
Jan Albert van Ree, Robert Griebl, Malle Hawking, Dominik Gerlach and Tobias Reichling at Bricking Bavaria 2005 in Kirchheim (Germany)

Oct 2005
1:19:02 hrs
Maico Arts, Martijn Boogaarts, Erik Gusting, Ben Fraters and Dirk Plug at Legoworld 2005 in Zwolle (Netherlands)
24 Oct 2005
1:10:46 hrs
Bruno Kurth, Holger Matthes, Dominik Gerlach, Tobias Reichling and Christian Krützfeldt at the annual meeting of the "1000Steine" community in Frechen (Germany)
7 January 2006

Fastest Time to Build the Technic Tow Truck (Set 8285)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

2:09:42 hrs
1000Steine-Land in Berlin (Germany)

Aug 2006

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1:31:44 hrs
Dominik Gerlach, Tobias Reichling, Bruno Kurth, Anders Gaasedal and Casper (Germany / Denmark) at Skaerbaek 2006 PHOTO
30 September 2006
1:15:09 hrs
Maico Arts, Martijn Boogaarts, Gerrit Bronsveld, Ben Fraters and Dirk Plug (Netherlands) at Legoworld 2006 in Zwolle (Netherlands)
21 October 2006

Fastest Time to Build the Eiffel Tower (Set 10181)

(The team is limited to 6 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:20:56 hrs
Christian Küpper, Lukas Fritsch, Marco Tagliaferri, Heiko Baum, Stephan Elster (all Germany) and Peter Vingborg (Denmark) at 1000Steine-Land in Berlin (Germany) 25 Aug 2007
LEGO Eiffel
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1:15:32 hrs
Tobias Reichling, Bruno Kurth, Dominik Gerlach, Thomas Wesselski (all Germany), Caspar Bennedsen, Lasse Deleuran (both Denmark) at LEGO Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek (Denmark) 30 September 2007
1:14:49 hrs at Legoworld 2007 in Zwolle (Netherlands)

Fastest Time to Build the Millennium Falcon (Set 10179)

(The team is limited to 7 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

2:53:27 hours
Bruno Kurth, Tobias Reichling, Holger Matthes, Jan Katanek, Ewald Full (all Germany),  Casper van Nimwegen (Netherlands) and Caspar Bennedsen (Denmark)
1000Steine-Land in Berlin
25 August 2007
LEGO Milennium Falcon
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Fastest Time to Build the Taj Mahal (Set 10189)

(The team is limited to 3 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:47:09 hours
Marcus Klein, Christian Krützfeldt, Bruno Kurth (all Germany), Thomas Muskovich (Austria), Tobias Reichling und Thomas Wesselski (both Germany)
at LEGO fan weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark
27 September 2008
LEGO Taj Mahal
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Fastest Time to Build the Volkswagen Beetle (Set 10187)

(The team is limited to 6 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:03:05 hours
Jürgen Bramik, Bruno Kurth and Tobias Reichling (all Germany) at Lego Fan Welt in Cologne, Germany 9 November 2008
                  Volkswagen Beetle
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Fastest Time to Build the Death Star (Set 10188)

(The team is limited to 6 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

2:34:26 hours Maico Arts (Netherlands), Hans de Vlieger (Belgium), Eugene Gerner (Netherlands), Tom Klimek (Germany), Bruno Kurth (Germany) and Dirk Plug (Netherlands) at LEGOWORLD 2008 in Zwolle (Netherlands)  Oct 2008
LEGO Death Star
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Fastest Time to Build the Grand Carousel (Set 10196)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:32 hours Skaerbaek 2009
26 September 2009
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Carousel  set

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1:24:11 hours Maico Arts, Martijn Bosgraaf, Peter Dijkstra, Eugene Gerner and Dirk Plug (Netherlands) at LEGO World 2009 23 October 2009

Fastest Time to Build the Technic Crane Truck (Set 8258)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:20 hours Skaerbaek 2009 27 September 2009
                  Technic Truck mit Power-Schwenkkran
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1:13:50 hours Maico Arts, Peter Dijkstra, Eugene Gerner, Sas Pieterse and Dirk Plug (Netherlands) at LEGO World 2009 24 October 2009

Fastest Time to Build the Grand Emporium (Set 10211)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:11:58 hours Rasmus Damgaard, Frederik Normann, Anders Roed, Morten Roed and Jakob Volf Pedersen (Denmark) at LEGO Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek (Denmark) 25 September 2010
LEGO Grand Emporium
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0:51:24 hours Maico Arts, Peter Dijkstra, Andre van de Horst, Dirk Plug and Leo van de Herik (Netherlands) at Legoworld 2010 in Zwolle (Netherlands) 23 October 2010

Fastest Time to Build the Tower Bridge (Set 10214)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

2:10:21 hours Vibeke Brogaard, Anne Mette Vestergård, Per Roed, Stefan Sandbeck and Henrik Christian Grove (all Denmark) at LEGO Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek (Denmark) 26 September 2010
LEGO Tower Bridge
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1:24:38 hours
Peter Dijkstra, Maico Arts, Martijn Bosgraaf, Gerard Salden and Dirk Plug (Netherlands) at Legoworld 2010 in Zwolle (Netherlands) 24 October 2010
1:20:38 hours
Stuart Crawshaw, Naomi Farr, Simon Bennet, James Pegrum und Jamie Douglas  (Team Brickish, UK) at BRICK 2014 in the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre
30 November 2014
 Note: A team of six builders (Rick Clark, Bram Lambrecht, Gary McIntire, Adam Hally, Remi Gagne, and Robert Frost) built the bridge in 80 minutes on 1 October 2010 at BrickCon in Seattle, USA:

Fastest Time to Build the Star Wars Super Star Destroyer (Set 10221)

(The team is limited to 5 builders. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

1:31:38 hours Remi Gagne, Brandon Griffith, Guy Himber, Ace Kim and Tommy Williamson (USA)  at Designer Con, Pasadena Convention Center (USA)  VIDEO 5 November 2011
LEGO Super Star Destroyer
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Note: A group of students at made a speed building attempt in the Mathematics of LEGO course at Williams College in Williamstown (USA) on 24 January 2014. They set a record for an unlimited team size with 10:21 minutes.  VIDEO . In 2015, the students improved this time to 9:13 minutes. DETAILS / VIDEO

Fastest Time to Build the Millennium Falcon (Set 75192)

(The team is limited to 4 builders at each point of time, but the builders are allowed to change. No presorting of pieces is allowed.)

10:53:01 hours a team of  c't computer magazine (Germany)
DETAILS (in German) / VIDEO / VIDEO (Timelapse)
15 October 2017
LEGO Millennium
LEGO Millennium Falcon
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8:24:16 hours Isento GbmbH, Nuremberg, Germany  VIDEO / VIDEO (Timelapse) 5 November 2017
6:18:15 hours Alina Wismar, Christian Döll, Fabian Schuster, Jan Aniol, Jonas Wismar, Michael Liebscher, René Weiß (Deutschland) in Gießen VIDEO (not yet fully verified)
18 February 2018

A record for teams of unlimited size was set by TNG Technology Consulting (Germany) on 2 December 2017. A team of 26 built the Millennium Falcon in 2:53 hours auf.VIDEO
The same team improved the record to 2:09:53 hours on 14 April 2018. VIDEO

Fastest Time to Build the Imperial Star Destroyer (Set 75252)

A team of TNG Technology Consulting (Germany) set a record for unlimited team on 11 October 2019. VIDEO

Fastest Time to Build the Porsche 911 (Set 10295) - Solo

For one builder; time starts by opening the box

4:40:51 hr
Michael Victor Dimayuga  (Philippines)
20 February 2021 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Great Ball Contraption

The largest Great Ball Contraption, a construction where footballs and basketballs move through a sequence of modules, has been constructed by Maico Arts, Ben Jonkman (both Netherlands), Lasse Deleuran, Elena Dimitrova, Klaus Hansen and  Brian Soholm Larsen (all Denmark). The 259-module construction was demonstrated on 17 February 2018 VIDEO
It seems that even more modules were involved at Brickworld Chicago 2018 (about 385, VIDEO) and at Brickworld Chicago 2019 (more than 400, VIDEO), but it seems that nobody bothered to count them. 403 modules were assembled on 18 October 2020 at the fairground in Ried (Austria). Unfortunately, a few manual inventions were necessary along the way of the balls.
The longest such construction, built at Brickfair 2013 in the Expo Center of New Hampshire in Manchester (USA) had a length of 584.43 m.  VIDEO
More information at:
previous records:
197 modules: Dalian Boca Education Technology (China) in Dalian on 30 July 2016
168 modules at Fana'Briques on 27 Jnue 2015 in Rosheim (France) VIDEO
139 modules assembled on 14-17 February 2013 at t LEGO World in Copenhagen. VIDEO
115 modules, constructed at LEGO Fanwelt  2012 in Cologne (Germany) by a team of Maico Arts (Netherlands), Stefan Vorst (Germany), Collegium Josephinum Bonn (Germany), Stephan Matter (Switzerland), Helmholtz-Gymnasium Bonn (Germany) and the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Apllied Sciences (Germany) VIDEO
112 modules, LEGO World in Zwolle, Netherlands on 21 October 2011 DETAILS / VIDEO
93 modules, LEGO World Copenhagen, Denmark on 17 February 2011, constructed by Maico Arts (Netherlands), Jean-Marc Nimal (Belgium), Klaus Hansen, Lasse Deleuran, Martin Nygaard, Trine Jensen (all Denmark) and Steven Aperts (Belgium). A video can be found here.
88 modules, LEGO Fanwelt 2010 in Cologne, Germany, team: Maico Arts (Netherlands), Stefan Vorst (Germany), Collegium Josephinum Bonn (Germany), Stephan Matter (Switzerland), Helmholtz-Gymnasium Bonn (Germany)
A previous record has been constructed at BrickFest05, click on the links for information and photos.

Longest Distance Thrown by a Medieval War Machine

The castle contest at Brickworld challenges the LEGO builders to construct a model of a catapult or trebuchet that fires a "missile" made of LEGO bricks. The distance record is 11.76 m [38 ft 7 in] and was set by Jeffery Viens (USA) with his trebuchet construction called "The Flinger".

Largest Legoland Park

The largest Legoland Park is Legoland Windsor with a surface of 60.7 hectares (150 acres).

The largest LEGO Event

The largest LEGO event is LEGO WORLD in Zwolle (Netherlands).

Other Record Breaking LEGO Constructions

  • Christmas Tree: 12 m [39 ft] tall,  built on behalf of LEGO UK by a team of Bright Bricks Ltd, led by Ed Diment and Duncan Titmarsh. It took a team of four over a month to build and a week to install the tree at St Pancras station in London. The construction used 600,000 regular LEGO bricks, including those to make the 1,200 baubles.Including the structural steel, base etc it weighted an estimated 3 tonnes. DETAILS
    Our photo shows the previous record holder: 9 m (30 ft) tall, diameter 5 m (16 ft), more than 245,000 DUPLO-bricks, weighting 6.3 tons (including the steel construction inside), December 2003, two identical trees have been constructed, One has been placed inside  the CentrO shopping centre in Oberhausen, Germany, the other one had a prominent place next to the entrance of LEGOLAND California, Carlsbad (USA)
  • Stadium: 5 m x 4.5 m x 1 m (16 ft x 15 ft x 3 ft), 1:50 scale model of the Allianz Arena in Munich, built in 4,209 working hours from 400,000 bricks, LEGOLAND Germany, 2005
  • Menorah: 2.75 m (9-ft) high, 2.40 m (8-ft) wide, made from 6,000 bricks, Freehold Township, New Jersey (USA), December 2003
  • DNA molecule: 12 m (39 ft) tall, Experimentarium science centre in Copenhagen (Denmark), November 2003
  • Caravan: a model of a T@B 320 RS trailer, 3.6 m [11.8 ft] long, 2.2 m [7.2 ft] tall, built by twelve LEGO builders in 12 weeks (over 1,000 man-hours), 215,158 bricks, presented at the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2015 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. VIDEO
  • Free standing flag: UAE flag built by the  Roads and Transport Authority Dubai on 2 November 2015, measuring 3 m x 5 m, built from 146,500 bricks DETAILS
    previous record: US-flag measuring 3.60 m x 1.80 m (12 ft x 6 ft), built from 127,624 blue, white and red bricks, Southern California LEGO Train Club, Orange County Fair, 15-17 July 2005 DETAILS
  • Model of a LEGO brick: 6 m x 3 m x 2 m (20 ft x 10 ft x 3 ft), weight: 1.5 tons, made from 1 mio bricks, LEGOLAND Germany, 1-9 September 2005
  • Model of a LEGO minifig: a Dutch flower girl measuring 3.648 m, built by AmazingBrickCreations in June 2010 in Limmen, Netherlands
  • Noah's Ark: built by 152 school children at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois, USA, 3.6 m [143 in] long, 0.6 m [25 in] wide, 0.3 m [13 in] tall, ark and rainbow were made with over 30000 bricks
  • Crate of Bottles: 12 children and many visitors created a crate of bottles measuring 1.5 m tall  from 17,247 bricks in an event organized by FP Sozialfonds e.V. on 18 August 2012 in Passau, Germany DETAILS
  • Gift Pack: 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 1.5 m built from 40,000 bricks at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Oberhausen (Germany) in December 2014
  • Stamp: Birthe and Svend Erik Saksun (Denmark) built a replica of a Danish stamp measuring 1,02 m x 1,28 m, using 20.480 LEGO plates 1 x 1 and 20 baseplates 32 x 32. 40 building hours, March 2010 DETAILS
  • QR Code: 4 x 4 m, built on 26 April 2011 at the Bolzano Fair (Italy) from more than 10 000 bricks DETAILS
  • Map: a 3D-map of Singapore, built by LEGO Singapore, CapitalLand und MediaCorp (Singapore) am on 30 November 2009, 7,67 m x 4,60 m, 489 432 bricks
  • Deepest LEGO Hole: 11.56 m in 1,203 layers, Ingo Althöfer and team at the University of Jena, Germany on 29 November 2013 DETAILS
  • Trebuchet: Flinger 2.0, length: 1.3 m [50.5 in], width 0.5 m [20.25 in], height 1.9 m [74 in], built by Jeffrey Viens (USA) from more than 5,000 bricks
  • Mammoth: 2,47 m tall, 3,80 m long, 1,30 m wide, built by Bright Bricks at the BRICK 2015 in Birmingham
  • Skeleton: Nathan Sawaya (USA) constructed a 6 m long dinosaur skeleton from 80,200 bricks in 2011. VIDEO
LEGO Christmas Tree
Previous record holder for the world's tallest LEGO Christmas Tree
(source: CentrO Management GmbH)
largest LEGO minifig model
Largest minifig model

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