The Malta Book of Records and Firsts

2007 Edition

A mosaic of records, firsts and achievements - this is "The Malta Book of Records and Firsts" which has just been published.

This high standard publication is the result of years of research in the historical and present life of Malta and the Maltese. The book focuses on the many firsts, achievements and records held by the Maltese. Some of these records are (or were) World Records. The book makes you feel Malta's pulse, reveal the unknown (or just forgotten) or bring back memories of days gone by. It is not a book of statistics, but a living showcase of our lifestyle and roots.

Read about the oldest man and woman in Malta; about the largest meeting, world's; oldest temples, largest church, first flights, first maps, oldest writing,  the firsts in the Maltese language, and about women's firsts.

The book is divided into 18 chapters each focusing on a particular theme, such as politics, sports, architecture, aviation, entertainment, hobbies, human achievements, weather and much more.

"The Malta Book of Records and Firsts", is an interactive book which is expected to expand in time to include many more human achievements  which the readers are being asked to bring out of the dark and make public.

"The Malta Book of Records and Firsts" is in full colour throughout and fully illustrated. Its size is 246mm x 190mm with 224 pages containing over 300 full colour photos. It is available in both soft and hard cover.

The author is Frans A Attard and it is published by Uptrend Publishing of Birkirkara.

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