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Human Mattress Domino World Records

The Rules

(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. The mattresses must be placed between participants; it must be lined up such as person - mattress - person - mattress and so on. Only one person is allowed per mattress.
  2. The minimum size of the mattress must be 180cm x 80 cm.
  3. All the participants must be at least 150 cm tall.
  4. When the starting signal is given the first participant must lay down on the mattress and when the mattress touches the next person, the next person must do the same movement as so on.

The Record Attempts

Date and Venue
41 - world record
Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Great Britain, 26 July 2009

80 - world record
Today Show, Channel Nine studios in Sydney, Australia, August 2009

121 - world record
TV Show "NZ Smashes Guinness World Records", in the car park of Big Save Furniture in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand,
18 September 2009

100 - British record
"Blue Peter" TV Show, BBC Television Centre in London, 22 September 2009

150 - world record
Trent Bedding in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, 24 October 2009

193 - world record
Bailey's Furniture, in Anchorage Alaska, 11 November 2009

145 - British record
Oaks Centre, Dungannon, Great Britain, 12 November 2009

244 - world record
São Lourenço International School in Almancil in Algarve, Algarve Stadium, Portugal, 12 November 2009

344 - world record
Intercoil International at Dubai Shopping Festival 2010, 1 March 2010

374 - world record Merredin and Districts Agricultural Show, Australia, 27 March 2010

256 - Chinese record
Shenzhen Aidi Furniture and the North College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (China) 25 May 2010

769 - world record
(not yet confirmed)
Weida, Germany, 31 July 2010 WEB SITE

380 - US record
TV Show "Live! with Regis and Kelly", at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, in New York, New York, USA, 17 September 2010

604 - US record
Eisenhower Jr. High School, 20 October 2010 WEB SITE

500 - Swedish record
Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, Stockholm, 28 January 2011

550 - Belgish record
Margareta Maria Instituut Kortemark in Kortemark, Belgium, 7 April 2011

850 - world record
La Quinta Inns & Suites, New Orleans, 28 February 2012

1001 - world record
Shanghai, China, 14 July 2012

1150 - world record
Möbel-Höffner, Gründau-Lieblos, Germany, 12 August 2012

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