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text by Jody-Lynn Reicher
5/13-5/14/05  I posted the 2nd best female performance on the treadmill ever.  114.03 miles.  I hit 50K 4:21:45; 6 hours ran 42.85 miles.  (Before this I took 28 minutes  for bathroom and eating.)

50 miles 7:10; took a 15 minute mashed potatoe and bathroom break ran 9:10 for 100K; then took another 45 minute mashed potatoes, soup, coffee and bathroom break before proceeding.  Ran 76.13 miles in 12 hours.

I took a 1 hour break at 13  hours before proceeding at midnight (14 hours, Kirsten Kincade, a friend/triathlete, joined me in the gym and ran 2 treadmills away to my right). At 3am 17 hours into it, I set the new American Women's treadmill record from 93.5 to 94.07 for 24 hours and counting. I took a one hour break after that (ate and chatted). Then at 4:50am (18 hours and 50 mins) I set a new North American record.  The old one 100 miles set by Monica Scholz of Canada in 20:05 and that was also the Canadian Women's Treadmill.

Then I took a 1 hour break for food and bathroom, chatted. Ran for 30 minutes and by 6:35am 20:35 into the event I took a 27 minute rest, napped for 5-10 minutes; then the pain really hit. I just laid there and kept my eyes closed after a 10 minute nap.  Kirsten came in and worked arnica into my pas anseras (tendon attachment inside the lower legs) areas and I was back on the treadmill by 7:40am (21:40 in to the event).  This time I didn't get off the treadmill and focused on getting the 2nd ranking in the world for women. I walked till 8:50am at 3.7  miles per hour.  Then I wanted to know how much more and what the exact 2nd place woman had.

It took 25 minutes; they had computer Internet problems at the YMCA.  Kirsten had to call someone to look it up from outside the YMCA.  We had 5 people working this; 3 people standing there watching me and tons of others watching.  While this happened at 8:55 am, I panicked and tried to run and guess what? I came back from the dead. I got up to a cranking 6.0 mph run and then after 3 mins settled into a 5.8-5.9 mph run/jog. The 2nd place girl from Germany was 112.66.  My PR was 113.46 from 2001 outside on pavement.  Everyone thought I was going to blow.  I knew to look at the saying on the wall the YMCA had posted for me ("Learn to think like God. Everything Else is Details."---Albert Einstein.) and focus on every feeling in my body/legs.

The answer came at 9:25am. I had to run 112.67.  I ran to 113 and walked to cool down to a 114.03.  Best North American Treadmill Women's Record and 2nd on the all time women's treadmill world list. Way far from my goal.  But I realized I had not even tapered for this. This was a training run. I ran 60 miles just 6 days before with a 10lb pack and completed a 130 mile week that same week. I began my taper on Tuesday for Friday.

During the event,  I ate 12 servings of mashed potatoes, 3 cups of soup, 3 x  6 ounce cups of coffee with skim milk.  1 red bull,  4 ounces of Accelerade.  8 GU, Succeed Caps, Magnesium 400mg every 6 hours. 4 Calcium Chews, 2 tums, 3 bananas, 1/2 of a PBJ, averaged 20 ounces of fluid an hour. I bathroomed 8 times. I got interviewed by a journalist from the UN (while I did my last 90 minutes) and by the Suburban News, afterward. Unreal. I PR'd at 6 hours, 100K, 12 hours, 100 miles and 24 hours.  Who'd of thought of that?  But I truly felt I could run easily 120-130. Tapered properly (12 days) I would have at least done that.

The YMCA people were great.  I was impressed with their attitude and professionalism.  Very enjoyable people. My type indeed.  They really got into this.  It was so cool to watch these people enjoy their work.  Work seemed like play for them.  And I love that. You should always love what you do and do what you love, as we know it. Well, I have more  to type.

Love In Action, Very truly,  Jody-Lynn Reicher

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