Josh Cox Sets New World Treadmill Marathon Record


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POWERBAR press release
BERKELEY, Calif. (April 22, 2004) -- Josh Cox has set a new World Record of 2:31:04 for the Treadmill Marathon.

Running in the PowerBar booth at the 2004 Boston Marathon Expo, PowerBar athlete and Olympic hopeful Josh Cox set a new World Record for Fastest Treadmill Marathon on Saturday April 17. With monitors displaying his pace, time, and nutrient intake, Josh ran to the chants and cheers of hundreds of onlookers crowded 20-deep around the booth.  

Running an average of 5:45 per mile, Josh easily beat the previous record of 2:37:40.  “This is the coolest promotion I’ve ever done.  I felt really good and got in a good long effort. The crowd support was awesome. You can tell the POWERBAR Beverage System is developed for endurance athletes, it doesn’t have a bite and isn’t too sweet which helped me drink more than usual.  I couldn’t have broken the record without drinking the POWERBAR Beverage System, which enabled me to stay hydrated and replace needed nutrients.”

When running a marathon, Josh typically consumes a leading sports drink diluted to quarter strength.  During the treadmill marathon, Josh drank 40 ounces of the new POWERBAR Endurance Sport Drink both at full strength and half strength.  This fueled his body with more fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes, which positively affected his performance and helped Josh to achieve his goal.

Josh will participate in the US Olympic Team Track & Field Trials in the 10,000-meter event in July.

For more information on Josh Cox or his record-breaking run, please contact Alli Noland, Stanwood & Partners PR 307-733-1514 or

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