World Records for Mass Swim Relays

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The Rules

(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authorithy, there may be other or additional rules. See here for more information.)
  1. The relays are open for men and women from all age classes. We are also interested in registering records for relays swum by females only.
  2. If not mentioned otherwise, the records in this list are for feestyle relays. We are also interested in registering separate records for other swimming styles.
  3. Attempts can take place in either  25 m or 50 m pools. For the 24 hrs record pools of 25 yards or 50 yards are allowed as well.
  4. No swimmer is allowed to swim more than once. In a 1000x100 m relay, for example, actually 1000 different persons must swim.
  5. It is not allowed to change the lane during the event.
  6. The attempt starts with an audible signal, and the clocks stop when the last swimmer touches the wall. Two clocks must run all the time. It is not allowed just to add the individual times achieved for all swimmers in order to compute the final result.
  7. As usual, a swimmer must not start before the swimmer he or she is taking over from has touched the wall. In case of a false start, the start has to be repeated correctly by returning to the wall.
  8. If for some reason a swimmer fails to complete the distance, another swimmer can substitute him or her and swim the complete (not just the remaining!) distance. The clock remains running. Neither the swimmer who failed to complete the distance nor the swimmer who started as a substitute is allowed to swim more than once in the relay (see rule 4).

100 x 25 m

21:22.83 minutes
North Shore Swimming Club Auckland (New Zealand)
4 November 2012
22:01.35 minutes
Schwimm-Club Wiesbaden (Germany) DETAILS
25 November 2017
24:35.46 minutes
SSG Reutlingen/Tübingen (Germany) DETAILS
27 January 2018
30:00.69 minutes
Kristianstads SLS (Sweden)
13 December 1992

1000 x 50 m

7:31:45 hours
SC Einheit Dresden (East Germany)
13 July 1988
8:31:54.5 hours
Düsseldorf area (West Germany)
12 May 1983
8:41:21.13 hours
ASD Nuotavamo Negli Anni 70 (Italy) VIDEO
1 June 2014
8:59:31,3 hours
Bayer Uerdingen 08 (West Germany)
9 December 1981
9:27:10.83 hours
Matsumoto Junior Chamber / Sports Netsork SAM Ishishiba in Matsumoto (Japan) 28 September 2013
9:39:02 hours
Schwimmverein Cannstadt (West Germany)
10:24:38.19 hours
Osk Sports Club Okayama (Japan)
29 September 2012
12:11:03,47 hours
Lower Silesia Swimming Association, Wrocław (Poland)

100 x 100 m

1:29.03.78 hours
Swim for Leukaemia (UK) DETAILS 1 February 2014
1:37:53 hours
The Match Charity Swim in Miami, Queensland (Australia)
29 October 2011
1:41:03,69 hours Wasserfreunde Spandau 04 (Germany) 30 April 1998
1:41:42.5 hours
Hamburger Schwimmklub (West Germany)
August 1984
1:42:28.6 hours
Darmstädter Schwimm- und Wassersport-Club 1912 (West Germany) 12 July 1991
1:45:27.3 hours
Svommeklubben VAT 69 (Denmark) 15 March 1992
1:46:04.8 hours
Wasserfreunde Wuppertal (West Germany)
1:53:13 hours
Startgemeinschaft der Sportschwimmer Dortmund (Germany)
30 August 2008

100 x 100 m Medley

2:05:31.44 hours
University of Manchester Swimming Club (UK) DETAILS 25 February 2012
2:39:28.52 hours Altrahlstedter Männerturnverein, Farmsener Turnverein and Wandsbeker Turnerbund Hamburg (Germany) DETAILS
27 August 2011

1000 x 100 m

18:01:48.6 hours
Erfurt (Germany)
18:08:43.5 hours
Upsala SS (Schweden)
20/21 August 1988
21:09:50 hours
Schwimmklub Langenthal (Switzerland)
27/28 August 1994
21:17:30.0 hours
De Dolfijn Amsterdam (Netherlands)
20/21 March 1993
23:05 hours
TV  Korbach (West Germany)
23/24 August 1980
23:55:48 hours
Brno (Czechoslovakia)
25:28:40.3 hours
Schwimmverein Derne 1949 Dortmund (West Germany) 19/20 February 1982
31:?? hours
Verona (Italy)
22/23 May 1982
31:16:43.6 hours
Vysoké Mýto (Czechoslovakia)
33:52:13 hours
Sporting Club d'Angoulême (France)
26-27 June1987
35:55:36.8 hours
Cercle des nageurs d'Avignon (France)
22-23 June 1985

10 x 10 x 100 m (Team of 10 Swimmers, Each Swimming 10x100 m)

Team 100x100Bazen from Zwem- en Polovereinging "De Waterkip" Barneveld (Netherlands)
(Kevin Eltink, Luuk Nijland, Justus Ykema, Ruben Koek, Max Voortman, Nino Sieling, Dylan Donkersteeg, Bob de Vries, Peter Rothengatter and Sook Willemse)
1 July 2017
Herentalse Zwemclub - Team "The Legends" (Louis Croenen, Basten Caerts, Nils Van Audekerke, Thomas Thijs, Daan Maes, Jesse Lormans, Lars Baeyens, Jolien Vermeylen, Tim Brydenbach and Samuël Lembrechts) (Belgium) 25 March 2017
1:42:14.49 hr Herentalse Zwemclub - Team "The Legends" (Samuel Lembrechts, Mattias Lembrechts, Lars Baeyens, Daan Maes, Laura Stevens, Ward Vreys, Jolien Vermeylen, Jesse Lormans, Stijn Lievens, Quinten Van Looy) (Belgium)
26 March 2016

10 x 100 x 100 m (Team of 10 Swimmers, Each Swimming 100x100 m)

16:32:27 hours
"Wir schwimmen für Kinder" in Osnabrück (Germany)
(Michael Dmitriev, Marcel Jercyk, Jeremy-Jay Krogull-Hull, Thomas Lurz, Niclas Mellies, Alexander Schäfer, Piet Schlörmann, Sven Stallkamp, Andreas Waschburger, Jan Wolfgarten)
11 November 2011
17:43:10.98 hours
SG Dortmund (Germany)
3/4 September 2005
18:36:42.7 hours
WASPO Nordhorn (Germany)
7/8 August 1998
23:36:14 hours
TV 1850 Korbach (West Germany)
23/24 August 1980

100 x 400 m

7:51:03.22 hours
SG Schwaben
9 October 1999
8:18:19.2 hours
University of Hamburg (West Germany) 28 April 1990
8:30:54.99 hours
Erfurt (East Germany)
9:02:32 hours
SSV Ulm 1846 (Germany) 10 July 2010
9:18:34.8 hours
SG Menden (West Germany) 28 October 1989
10:27:48.2 hours
SSV Ulm 1846 (West Germany) 21 July 1986
10:27:57.5 hours
SG Neptun Lampertheim (West Germany)
23 June 1985
13:27:11 hours
DLRG, Ortsgruppe Bruchmühlbach-Miesau (West Germany) 21 August 1982

100 x 1000 m

22:48:43.1 hours SG Dortmund and friends (Germany) 2 / 3 September 2006
25:11:35 hours
Schwimmklub Region Murten (Switzerland)
24/25 August 1996
25:19:52.48 hours SV Dachau  (Germany)
3/4 December 2005
30:53:37 hours
Schwimmverein Mannheim (West Germany)
(in open water!)
September 1983

24 Hours (5 Swimmers)

105.1 km
Neckarsulmer Sport-Union (Aleksi Schmid (Switzerland), Bente Fischer, Celine Rieder, Daniel Pinneker, Ulrich Haag (all Germany)) 10/11 November 2018
92.5 km
Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw (Daniel Pinneker, Lukas Kraft, Christian Hirschmann and Ulrich Haag) (Germany) (only four swimmers!)

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