World Records for Indoor Cycling on Stationary Bikes (Spinning)

Static cycling records for which only the covered distance is reported are meaningless because details and settings of the specific bike are not taken into account.

For this reason, our statistics list only records for the mean power (measured in Watt) achieved over a given time. All those records were achieved on a highly precise exercise bike.

Further record submissions are welcome (in particular, we are looking forward to read about an one hour record and about women's records). It is highly recommended to contact us by e-mail soon enough before an attempt. All records will be verified for the "Book of Alternative Records".


  1. The record is for the largest mean power in stationary cycling over a given time period.
  2. Record breakers can make rest breaks as often as they wish. However, as during those breaks the power will be 0 Watt, each such break will lower the final average result.
  3. Records are only accepted on highly accurate exercise bikes. Before the record attempt, they must be carefully calibrated, and a calibration certificate must be submitted together with the record documentation. Please contact us before the attempt in order to discuss what qualifies as a correct calibration procedure.
    Currently, we accept exclusively the following types of exercise bikes for record attempts:
    SRM PowerMeter, Science Track
    power2max (2% will be subtracted due to the measuring tolerance)
    Airstreem Profiergometer (3% will be subtracted due to the measuring tolerance)
  4. A computer-readable log file should be submitted as a part of the docmentation. It should have entries for the time, the pedaling power and the pedaling cadence, measured at least every 10 seconds.
  5. The minimum crank length is165 mm; for records for one minute, the crank length must be exactly 170 mm.

(Maximum power measured on a Cyclus-2 ergometer)

Cyclist Watt (Maximalleistung)
Date and Venue
Malte Kuhn-Mitscherlich (AUT)
3199.4 VIDEO
10 November 2014
Manfred Nüscheler (SUI) 3164
11 November 1997


Cyclist Pedaling Power Average (Watt)
Date and Venue
Alexander Dorfmeister (GER)
18/19 October 2008 in Sankt Englmar, Germany
Bernhard Steinberger (GER)
4/5 November 2006 in Roding, Germany


Cyclist Pedaling Power Average (Watt)
Date and Venue
Frank Trtschka (GER)
9.-11. März 2010 in Plauen, Germany
Stefan Wagner (AUT)
19-21 January 2018 in Amstetten, Austria


Cyclist Pedaling Power Average (Watt)
Date and Venue
Frank Trtschka (GER)
9.-15. March 2010 in Plauen, Germany

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