Boulder Road Runners 10 x 10 Kilometer Relay

Report by Woody Green

The Boulder Road Runners Club has a web page (with many photos) about this record at:

October 31, 1998 Boulder, Colorado: Gray skies, forty degree temperatures and occasional drizzle did nothing to abate the enthusiasum of ten members of the Boulder Road Runners Club as they attempted to set a new "world record" for the infrequently contested 10 x 10 kilometer relay. Five men and five women each ran 10 kilometer legs on the Frank Potts Field track at the University of Colorado. In a celebration of his fortieth birthday, organizer Andrew Crook set out to break the existing record of 6:30:01 set by the USC Bochum club from Germany (3 September 94 at Rhein-Elte, Germany).

The hand picked team, all members of the Boulder Road Runners Club, simply obliterated the record, posting a time of 6:03:48.3. Listed below are the participants in the order they ran with their individual times:

Kristi Jordon 39:56
Steve Richards 33:26
Patty Murray 37:05
George Zach 34:24
Kirsten Russell 36:27
Rick Bruess 35:36
Laura Bruess 39:52
Barry Logan 33:52
Sarah Krakoff 39:47
Andrew Crook 33:23

Total time, 6:03:48.3